Players you don't want the Titans to draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by 2ToneBlueBlood, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Ensconatus

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    Agreed, I don't see any major moves towards the OL
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  2. xhrr

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    This. I couldn't believe when people wanted us to dish out 50 million in FA for a guard like zeitler.
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  4. Titans2004

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    We will pick up Lewan's 5th yr option if we don't work out a long term extension. Both guards know that they are in a contract yr this yr and so both should really be giving it there all. I could see us paying whichever one plays better....or if they play the same then whichever one will sign the cheapest long term deal. We have Tretola who will then take over....I think we are in a very good position with our guards.
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  5. Ontario Titan

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  6. kenny

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    Yes they are.....And the team should be working toward deals to keep them together. I do not think any of them other than Lewan will get Position Setting deals. Lewan will likely get PAID. Finding quality oline players is getting so much harder these days. The spread offense is making it much harder to really forecast what the players will actually be in the NFL. That is another reason I am all for keeping this group together as much as possible.

    When the top prospect at OG, is a guy from my hometown WKU Hill Toppers; it is kind of crazy. TE Tyler Higbee taken at pick 110 (4th Round) in 2016 was the highest draft offensive player for WKU EVER......Before that the 5th round was the highest any WKU offensive player was taken. Now we are talking about a WKU OT going in the 1st round as an OG.
  7. ImATitan

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    CB Teez Tabor (Miami)
    DT Elijah Qualls (Washington)
    DT Carlos Watkins (Clemson)
    DE Charles Harris (Missouri)
    CB Cordrea Tankersley (Clemson)

    OG David Sharpe (Florida)
    DL Davon Godchaux (LSU)
    OG Nico Siragusa (San Diego State)
    WR Artavis Scott (Clemson)
    WR Malachi Dupre (LSU)
    DE Daeshon Hall (Texas A&M)
    CB Marquez White (FSU)
    FS Josh Johnson (Boston College)
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    Huh? You're saying Ross only ran screens or nothing? The guy was a matchup nightmare for every team except bama who can get better pressure with their front 4, have cb's who can run with almost anyone AND they can keep 2 S's deep!

    He carved up a lot of people on slants, hooks, posts, go routes etc.
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    What is the issues with Qualls, Johnson and Siragusa? Curious because those guys caught my eye.
  10. ImATitan

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    Just don't see it with Qualls. While he moves well for a man his size, he rarely gets home. He needs to finish more plays. Nor do I find him a 'force' in the run game. He gets tied up on blocks for far too long for a guy that big.

    Siragusa is alright, just not very fluid in space. Struggles to adjust on the move. I think Isaac Asiata is a better mid-round OG for example.

    I don't like Josh Johnson in coverage and I think he tested pretty poorly if I recall. Day 3 Safety. I know he went thru CB drills, but he's a S
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