[Poll] Who wins the AFC South?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Black Mamba, May 21, 2016.

Who will win the AFC South?

  1. Titans

  2. Colts

  3. Jaguars

  4. Texans

  1. HurrayTitans!

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    In all honesty, yes. I think they are poised to turn things around this year vice Tennessee. While Tennessee has taken steps in the wrong direction since the last season of Fisher ball, this is the first season I can remember being truly excited for the changes that happened. It's also still the first year in the right direction, don't see it happening this year.
    Jax has made some good moves over the past couple years. Their offense was one of the best last year and I think they only improved by signing Miller (I don't think he's all that great personally, but he is an upgrade from the running game of last year). Their D should have gotten a little better with Fowler last year. Now they got Fowler and I know some think Jackson is overrated, I still think he's pretty good. Stupid Sen'derrick Marks looks the part of a second round pick there too. Overall, like many called out, it's a pretty weak division and they do look the most improved to me even though they still needed to surpass Indy and Hou.
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  2. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    I like the changes as well, I'm excited to see what happens this year, unlike other years lol

    Miller is with Houston btw
  3. DaCost

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    Its simple stop Hopkings watt and Luck and you win the divisiĆ³n.
  4. Ontario Titan

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    Don't forget about the Allen twins and Thomas with Bortles
  5. HurrayTitans!

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    [QUOTE="Ontario Titan, post: 1490312, member: 2849

    Miller is with Houston btw[/QUOTE]
    Yeah, my bad. Must have switched up Ivory and Miller while I was typing. Stand by my point though.
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  6. oilerstruck

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    1. Jags
    2. Titans/Colts
    3. Texans
  7. JR1980

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    No way in hell Houston is the basement team in this division with the amount of talent they had last year and additions they made at RB, QB, and WR during the off season. Osweiller may not be the answer, but he is better than what they had, and he has weapons....They were a 9 win team without that last year. Reality is, the basement will be either us, or Jags until I see different...Colts suck, but they find ways to win. Plain and simple.
  8. Black Mamba

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    I think we're on the same page. We're the realist on the forum. But as someone pointed out, it's a Titans fan page. You can't argue logic with Stans.
  9. Broken Arrow

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    You know, it's one thing I know about being a Titan fan..... when your Quarterback is constantly the entree on a opposing defense's 3 course meal --- it doesn't exactly bode well for your footing on 3rd place.... even more so less 1st place!

    Until the colts solve their offensive line problem, sitting-duck-luck will be a overloaded chain ready to snap.

    And yes, The Titans are within those same Crosshairs too (Mariota) however, Mariota is elusive enough to release some of the pressure coming himself. Whereas, a stand in quarterback is a just a field day for edge rushers...
  10. JBC

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    I dont think Luck is as great as the media seems to, but he isn't a statue in the back field. He is a big Qb. He is also athletic, and can run well. Their oline is about as bad as the Titans' and Jags' olines. Luck's problem with injuries seems to be from running into defenders while attempting to get an extra couple of yards, rather than sliding before contact. His completion percentage hovers just under 60% and he throws too many ints. To me he isn't the top young Qb in the league. That arguement should be between Wilson, and Cam (titty baby) Newton.