Pollard Fined $42K for Hit on Johnson

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by xpmar9x, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. xpmar9x

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    Bud Adams should write Pollard a $42K check and tell Bernard to keep hitting hard.
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  2. Dman

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    These jerks that fine players should go out and play defense and see for themselves how hard it is to make a tackle.... This league is a joke when it comes to fines in regard to hits. They need to watch the game at real time speed where it's almost impossible to make split second decisions in regards to hitting someone
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  3. RockyTop Fox

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    What a load of garbage.. he didn't even use his head! It was a hit with his arm. Pollard's arm probably got the worst of it when it hit Andre's facemask.

    Just put ****ing flags on all the players if you're gonna give such an outrageous fine for that hit. It's football. All the players know and accept the risk. It's not even like Pollard was trying to injure him. This is ridiculous. :rant:
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  4. Dman

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    someone needs to fine Goodell for being a jacka**
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    Kareem Jackson was also fined $42000 for the hit on Wright.
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    I am also shocked ghloston on the bucs got his 1 game suspension overturned as well. Never would have thought that would be overturned
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    Rozelle and Tagliabue were both great commissioners during their time running the league and they accomplished a lot to make the game what it is up to the present day.Goodell on the other hand has had some of the most boneheaded ideas and is doing his best to water down a great sport.Hard bonecrushing hits are the spirit of this game and most of the viewers who watch the game love the rugged style thats been a part of many peoples Sundays for generations.Goodell is doing his best to destroy something we all love and the sooner he is out as tyrant the better.I'm tired of watching him hand down fines to players who are just doing the same thing many men who played the sport before them did and that hard hitting style is somehow no longer being allowed which in my opinion is wrong.He is taking away a vital part of the game that we all have watched and enjoyed for many decades.Before he is through the game may not resemble at all what we have been used to viewing for so long.Enough is enough and he needs to stop implementing changes to the game that no one likes or agrees with which goes for the players as well as the fans.Players like Jack Tatum,Lawrence Taylor,Ronnie Lott or Bernard Pollard will no longer exist because of Roger Goodell.
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    that's all I have to say about that.


    Now that was a hit deserving of punishment. They were on the same level. Jackson knew where he was aiming. Pollard was hitting a target that was changing levels. AND he led with his shoulder. What a joke.
  10. TitansMVP

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    Jackson's hit should be either 42k and Pollard's less or more than 42k because his was illegal according the rules. However, both were great hits. This is football, not golf and a great hit is a great hit. Growing up with big hitters and the vsh tapes was awesome. It pumps up the crowd and the teammates feed off that.

    Now, we have a league run by a guy that never played a down in his life making decisions coming from his a$$. He has no idea what he is doing. All he is doing is killing the game and bring it down into the dirt. When you play fast, a hit is quick decision, too quick for anyone to think about a damn fine. Just go out and hit like you were taught your whole life.

    In high school, your coaches would love this type of hit but in the NFL with Goodell running the show, its a penalty and a fine. Well thanks for taking out all the fun. Soon this game will be flag football and lose all its die hard fans. I'm tired of Goodell, he killed the game. So many rules after rules after rules after rules.... Seen when Schaub got pushed right when he threw the ball, just a little shove. He didn't even fall to the ground and we got roughing the passer. Lmao, wow! Such a girl sport now