Pro Football Focus Draft Grader: Titans

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    Since I have two eyeballs and 20/20 vision, I don't need pro football focus and all their nutty stats to tell me SenDerrick Marks is a scrub.
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    First, the Marks pick still drives me crazy. We should have just taken Cook there and kept our 2nd rounder for the next year. In that draft we could have had, Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Spikes, or Sean Lee.

    Second, I think the report makes a good point. We have 2 starting calibur CB's already. Most mocks have us taking a CB. Since we're obviously so great at scouting CB's maybe we can find another Verner or McCourty late and use our 1st round pick elsewhere.
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    Thats exactly why we were a average talented team or a team that didnt play their best players. Nailed it. Now with Munchak at least we are doing alot better with our players then Fisher did. We can complain about amano but its not like we had anyone else who could have done better. So besides that i say we are off to a good start in building a championship caliber team