QB rating vs Total QBR

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    I think actual rating is better as well as TD:INT ratio. Yea more factors come into play some QBR doesn't take into account either.

    QBR has this in its calculation "win probability" followed by "clutch index". This all means made up BS to me.

    As far as defending garrard, was his QBR extra high for the rushing he did?
    185 and a TD, so nope, that wasn't it.

    Based on that, there is a huge flaw right there in QBR.

    So the number 6 greatest QBR season is a guy that was 18th in passing yards, 15th in TD passes, 11th in comp%, and the one stat that puts him near the top for that year was (spoiler alert) RATING where he was #3. He also only played 12 games that year.

    So we've had more than 300 QB seasons since 2006 and you want to argue for a stat that puts David Garrard as the #6 best of all of them?
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