Question for Titans vs Dolphins game seating?

Discussion in 'Nashville' started by D0lphan72, May 20, 2015.

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    If he's coming from Florida he's living in the land of malls and other boring **** like that.
    Go to Lower Broad. Eat at Jack's BBQ and watch some live country music - even if you hate country music the way the rest of us do. It's what you do in Nashville.
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    If Jack's doesn't suit your fancy you could go to Cookout and get a $4.99 tray.
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    Cookout is good - but do you really want to hit a chain restaurant all the way over by Vandy when you can have a real deal Nashville Meat and Three on lower broad
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    Hey I totally agree, I was just going by them saying they were broke college kids.
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    You should definitely consider just walking up and down and hanging out at various places on Broadway. It is the tourist thing to do. Check out if any events are in town at Bridgestone arena that night (it's where the Predators play and they have various concerts/etc). Maybe eat at a place called Pub5 and eat on the roof, it's right across from Bridgestone and gives a pretty good view with good food for reasonable price. Of course there are tons of good places to eat downtown and surrounding.

    You should get the Lyft or Uber app since both are available in Nashville. Demonbreun has some interesting places like Two Bits and it's close enough to walk, but better to get a $5 ride.

    Before you head up to your seats, you might watch some of the game or hang out around the endzones. It's a good view around there just standing both the field and huge jumbotron.
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    Unforgotten? You gotta be alive to have remembered it.
    This douche was born in 1983

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    The Gulch has a few nice spots depending on your thing.

    The ultimate nice evening for me would be parking by the Flying Saucer and having a brew (even if she's not 21):
    The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium - Nashville, TN - Best Craft Beer Bar in Nashville

    Step over to Union Station just to have a peek at some history:
    Union Station Hotel, Autograph Collection: Nashville Unique Hotels

    It's actually the same building as the Flying Saucer.

    Walk over to the Frist Center to take in some art:
    Nashville, TN Community Art Gallery - Frist Center for the Visual Arts

    It's right next door.

    I'd hit the Saucer again before striking out to the Gulch for dinner. I do love me some Saucer.

    There are lots of places to eat in the Gulch depending on budget. Whiskey Kitchen is moderately-priced. Here are some options:
    MStreet Nashville

    We're talking about a 15 minute or so walk.

    The only reason I am sending you down that way is it is close to Station Inn where you can hear live bluegrass music:
    Station Inn

    Another 2-3 blocks. All within fairly close walking distance:
    Google Maps

    Most shows start at 9. You usually can't reserve tickets and it's a small place so I'd get there by 8:30. Tickets to most shows are in the $12-$15 range.

    If art and bluegrass isn't your thing, I'd follow the advice of some here who have you down on Lower Broadway closer to the stadium where there are options galore for food and live music.
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