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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CRUDS, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Yeah I used to be a DVD fanatic. My current collection (DVD and Bluray) is over 1,000. But I've probably only watched a handful in the past year. And I've bought less than that in that same time frame (Drive and Big Lebowski blurays are the only two that come to mind).

    With VoD, what's the point anymore? If it's not something you are just going to watch over and over, it's much cheaper and more convenient to just rent via VoD. Makes me sick to my stomach to think about all the money I blew on DVDs. A good chunk of my collection is from the time when it was a rarity to find a DVD for less than 15-20 bucks. Makes me even more sick to think about how they're basically worthless today.

    Plus I have these two custom DVD racks taking up roughly 8-9ft of wall space in my office. Lately I've been thinking of pulling out the couple hundred "must keeps" and just taking what I can get for the rest as a lot on eBay or something. Sad.
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    You probably should, get it before the bottom has completly fallen out.
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    Used DVDs are not worth postage

    I have an obscene ammount of used DVDs - lol
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    I have NEVER understood the point of buying DVDs unless it was musical in nature... concerts, rockumentaries and such. Movies??... unless it was some a rare much-anticipated supertreat (LOTR, that sort of thing), what's the point? You know how it ends...
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    Re: brick-and-mortar stores: Here on Maui there's been a huge upturn in building with a Costco expansion, a Marriott Courtyard and two huge business parks outside of the airport. That land is desert and there's not much else you could do with it anyway, but there are hundreds of empty storefronts already all over the island because the rents are unreasonably astronomically high. Aside from that, this is the most business-unfriendly place on the planet so I have no idea who they're trying to lure to fill these places.
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    Well, I just love movies. More than most other forms of entertainment. Also, for me half the fun was the collecting. Just like with any other kind of hobby/collection.

    And your logic could technically be applied to most anything. Music, games, books, etc. What's the point after you've gone through it once, right? Lots of people enjoy watching movies multiple times.
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    I transferred most of my DVDs to blu-rays.

    I probably have 150 blu-rays and 30 DVDs.

    Best Buy did a pretty awesome promotion where you can trade in ANY DVD for any blu-ray ($9.99 or up). I stocked up.

    Movies like The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Memento, The Departed, and tons of others could be had for $5 after the DVD trade-in.
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    Michael Moore

    see what I did there? Michael Moore is business unfriendly and hes fat so he could fill the placees.

    cows suck
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    It's an unnecessary cycle.. Contractor proposes job - city approves - site is built - site sits empty (or partially empty for long stretches) - wash rinse repeat..
    Meanwhile previous builds sit empty after the first tenant bails..
    I know it's boring as hell but watch a few BOMA meetings and the game becomes real apparent what master the city serves (and it sure ain't the residents).
  10. nickmsmith

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    Yeah. And I don't even mind new construction.. but when they leave the city in shambles and keep building elsewhere, it's bad for everybody. As it is: The center of the city is becoming worse, and everyone is building and moving to the far north side of the county.... now the city is trying to unify the city and county gov'ts to get these people's taxes who live outside the city.

    A good 1/4 of my city could easily be razed. They should give these people fair market value for their homes or crap buildings (about 20,000 bucks or less) destroy it, and start over. There are plenty of properties that they can't even give away in Evansville.