Ramon Foster -- Titans "Might" be Interested

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Mar 10, 2013.

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    Is he any good? All I hear about Pukesburgh's OL is that they suck.

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    Foster is very average.
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    -Levitre is going to help in the passing game more than the run, we still need another mauler on the line. The line does work together and an improvement at one spot will help out everyone else. That doesn't mean I want to stick with Hutch or Harris but I just don't think Guard will be as much of a pressing need as it is now if Levitre is signed.

    -If the Titans think Warmack or Cooper is BPA by the time we draft then I'm all for it. I would still love to have either one of them.

    -We're not taking a Safety in the 1st because we are paying Griffin so much already. Even though he sucks and is no way worth his contract and I really doubt we take a Vaccaro kind of guy because he's not going to start over Griffin. CB could definitely be upgraded but I think if we improve the DL then everyone will be better as a whole. Even though Verner has a year left and I'm not completely sold that this duo would bring us a lot of success if we do get him a new deal.
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    Mark Foster off the list. Just re-signed with Pitt.
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    He's the SDM of G's. Glad we didn't even have the chance to pursue.
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    I don't think it's ridiculous I just don't have OG as the biggest need if we do sign Levitre, I don't think it's that crazy of an idea.


    So because one hole at OG means it should still be the top need? The position in the draft is really great this year but there is more than just Warmack and Cooper. If we did get one of them even with Levitre I would still be happy, like I posted above. However, the Tennessee Titans do have other needs than just at Guard. Other positions can be upgraded.

    Washburn took guys later because he could develop them and we ran more of a rotation anyway, so taking a DE in the 1st wasn't the best value in their eyes. Now, it seems we're going with a set 4 and a couple guys getting some playing time off the bench. If we signed Osi or Abraham I would be fine but right now we only have two starting caliber guys and Wimbley is aging and on a ehh contract. At DT we have Casey and Martin but we haven't seen enough of Martin to really know yet. If it's a choice between Warmack and Star then we have to go with the latter.

    Both the lines need improvement and are equal as a need (assuming Levitre because this is what my whole point is centered around).

    If it was up to me I would cut all the over priced and under achievers, sign some big time impactful players, then go BPA in the draft and get more young talent on this team that we're quietly stock piling. I then give Locker another year and if he's not the guy then we hop on the Bridgewater bandwagon and trade up for him.
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    The problem with just cutting over priced players is you dont just get all of the money you would have paid them back. Like Griffin, if we cut him during that 5 day window after the SB, we would have saved under 1 million dollars. Hes not worth cutting. Most players with high salaries are like that. And just because hes a "Big time" or "Big name" player doesnt always help. Mostly they are just from a big market so people know their name. Getting quality players that fir our system is what we need, not just a name. Also, tough to get big time players to come to a team in rebuildig mode...just have to keep going how we are. We are doing a lot better than people on here are giving us credit for....btw imo we need both Levtire and Warmack. O-line sets up everything on offense
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    -I understand the money standpoint but Griffin was statistically one of the worst Safeties last year and if losing 900k is what it took to get rid of him then see ya. He's not a leader, isn't reliable, and has shown he's not the impact player we though he was a few years ago. There are plenty of FA safeties I would rather have.

    -I didn't say anything big name or what team they played on, Levitre is the name that comes to mind when being impactful. Goldson is another guy or Osi coming off the bench. They don't have to be from a big market to be impactful.

    -Money talks and we have the cap space.
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    We do have cap space but not that much cap space. Griffin plays well when we have a good pass rush and he can play center field. Which we assume we can do this year. Hes definitly a quality player when hes not out of his element which he was last year. We do not have the money to sign another starting quality S to go with starting G, TE, DT and depth to DE, CB, and LB. And possibly signing a fb, rb and wr plus signing all of our draft picks. We have money, but not all kinds like the colts do (40 million)
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    Griffin is a solid player when he has help around but that's exactly the point I'm trying to make, he's not worth the money we're giving him. I would be fine going with a vet FS for a year or 2 instead of Griffin. Draft picks would fill a few of those needs and not everyone we're going to sign will be starting caliber. We have the money if we spend it wisely and we're not looking for a lot of players to be starting, just role players.

    Levitre and the Bennett brothers are the guys I want the most right now and we have the space to get all 3.