Randall to Be in Safety Mix Next Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Jan 12, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: S Marcus Randall made the transition from quarterback to safety in training camp because the Titans were impressed with his athleticism. The result was he made the Titans practice squad and was on the active roster the final three games as a special teamer. Titans GM Floyd Reese feels Randall is ready to compete at safety next training camp. With Tank Williams becoming an unrestricted free agent, Reese says Randall would have an advantage over a rookie if the Titans choose to go that route. "You're hoping a guy like that who has some physical talent, has some attributes who you've kept on the practice squad and let practice enough will come into camp at some point above a rookie," Reese said. "I think his chances of coming in and contributing skyrocket in comparison (to a newcomer)."

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  2. Soxcat

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    Reese's statment is stupid IMO. A guy who has played Safety his whole college career would still have to have an advantage over a guy who played QB in college and for the most part hasn't even seen live action at Safety.
  3. The Mrs

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    I think what Reese is saying is that Marc has been through training camp and has practiced as a safety for an entire season and saw action the last 3 games. A guy who has been with a pro team for an entire season would have a mental edge over a guy fresh out of college.

    Also, Marc does have great athletic ability and his time spent as a qb helps his play at safety.
  4. Titanpride

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    John Lynch started in College as a QB.
  5. Gunny

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    Randall and Fuller two starting safeties next season?
  6. The Mrs

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    Gunny, Gunny:sad2: If you wanted me to come out and play, you could just shine the Elf signal in the sky:kiss:
  7. danny

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    He turned out to be a real turd:ha:

    I think what people sometimes forget is that these are some of the best athletes on the planet in the NFL and sometimes it's just a case of putting an individual in a place to succeed.

    A QB may have and advatage rolling over to safety because of his knowledge of reading a defense. He'll know what a QB is looking for and maybe more effective in baiting the QB into doing what would be more beneficial for the defense.
  8. danny

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    Why not, the Titans had Abbott and Costello back there this past year.
  9. The Mrs

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    Abbott and Costello were a great duo!
  10. danny

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    Not this year, it was more tragedy than comedy:irked:
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