Reading the coverage: Taylor 16th on all-time rushing list

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    Three wins for the division, a clinched playoff spot and bye for the Titans, and a lot to sort through on the Monday after Week 14 games.

    Did I miss something? I welcome your comments, suggestions, criticismÂ*and opinions in the mailbag.

    Houston Texans

    The Texans overcame a lot and proved mentally tough during their win in Green Bay, writes John McClain.

    A record day was tarnished by turnovers, says Dale Robertson.

    Richard Justice thinks the Texans may very well be changing in fundamental ways.

    Kris Brown nailed the 40-yard field goal as time expired, writes McClain.

    Gary Kubiak's two-point gamble paid off, says McClain.

    Matt Schaub gets quarterbacks an A in the Chronicle's
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