Rolando McClain: Dumbest Man in the NFL

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    There's two kinds of cops.

    There's the guy who hates life, and the guy just looking for a way to earn an honest dollar.

    The cops here makeup to $100K/yr, not too shabby.
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    Whats with all the cop hate? ...

    It takes someone with a set of balls to run into a burning building with a water hose. It takes someone with an even bigger set to approach a car on a lonely highway at 2 am, not knowing whats in it or what the drivers thinking. Could be a gun ready to shoot him in the face or as in a few weeks ago in Newtown to run into a building with a gunman on the loose and bullets flying.

    The law is the law, you may not like it, tough ****. Its for everyone to follow, no one is above it and especially not McClain, although with his ego he seems to think he is. Poor guy doesn't even realize he sucks. He broke the law and now hes gotta pay the consequences for it. He probably wouldn't even have to pay a fine if simply removed it. The guy is a douche and got what he deserved. Writing what he wrote on the ticket it just asking for more bs. I am sure the officer involved woke up that morning and thought "hey you know what! I am going to harass that crappy linebacker from the Raiders"..... please.
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    Not to downplay what cops do, but I've got a better chance dying as a black man then a cop does being a cop.

    I don't even get paid for it :werd:
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    True, but if you will forgive the pun, it isn't just black and white. There are several well studied, statistically significant factors regarding the racial differences in age-related mortality rates. I'm ending here because a topic such as that has the potential to explode and is better suited for discussion in Taboo.
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    I don't have any "hate" for law enforcement. I'm just pointing out what I've observed and speculating as to what is the cause of my observations. What you are calling "balls", I'm calling personality characteristics. It isn't just "courage" alone that fuels that type of behavior.

    I will tell you this, though- if you follow the advice I've given above for how to handle a stop for a traffic violation, you WILL see a difference in the rate of citations versus warnings you are issued.
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    I've only been pulled over a few times and I honestly feel that how I behaved would make zero difference. Last ticket was a 73 in a 65 around 1 AM on the interstate in Illinois.

    Where are you going?
    Lincoln, Nebraska.
    Where are you stopping for the night?
    St. Louis.
    License and Registration.

    No lecture, nothing. I think the whole process took about 4 minutes. Pretty much every ticket that I've had is like that. It is professional and everyone knows it is a money grab, so whatever.

    I hate cops because the local ones are corrupt. I once got pulled over locally and a drug deal happened right in front of us. I told the officer that I wasn't complaining about the ticket, but I love my community and we need the police's help to control the drug problem and he told me to STFU. Then in the summer, you see the sheriff out on the boat with a known drug dealer. Stuff like that. Stuff like when the dispatcher's son steals your car and you can't get help from the police, then you see the police selling your ish on craigslist.
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    OK- then you have nothing to lose. Just try what I outlined one time. Be honest and let me know how it goes. I suspect some of your resentment is leaking through your veneer.
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    I do that every single time. If you are getting tickets from a speed trap in 3 or 4 minutes, it isn't going to matter.

    edit: and again, I have no problem with getting a speeding ticket if I'm caught speeding. I was once let go for street racing and I passed a cop hard on my brakes going at least 100 and didn't get pulled over. If I get dinged for a 34 in a 25 or a 73 in a 65, I deserve it and I'll pay. No problem. My issue is that police seem to be tied to the crime here. It is the largest, most powerful gang in the country.
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