Rookies who have Thrived & Fallen Short

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    with Britt playing like junk our wr depth is overrated. Washington and Wright are quality, everybody else is either unproven or stinks
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    I think nate might be pissed about the quitting rumors last season.....maybe hes tryna prove to everyone hes not a quitter, us and other teams if for some reason we let him go this year. sure proved it to me and I never even doubted lol ive said before Washington might be the best free agent weve brought in as one else jumps least since ive became a "obsessed" fan around 2005 or so.
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    Williams and Washington are both better WR's than Britt, but they aren't the prototype for a #1 NFL wideout. Britt is big and fast and for some reason the Titans brass seems to really believe in the prototype. They think they need someone big out there in their #1 WR spot, but they really just need someone who can catch!
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    Oooo he has 34 tackles! Which only means... he's on an awful team.

    Too small. No coverage skill.

    He's basically a ball-skills player only. Which... doesn't do much for me.