Round of applause for the FO!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by J Falk, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Today was one of the first times I've ever been truly satisfied with what our FO has done. Not in a million years did I think we would land Levitre, but we did, and we didn't overpay to get him. We also were fiscally responsible by not bringing back a player who didn't want to be here(Cook), and replacing him with a true football player(Walker). We also didn't overpay to get him. He will add run blocking, special teams greatness, and some much needed leadership. We're also acting fast to get Sammie Lee Hill, who is probably the most underrated DT in this crop of free agents. This signing will give us EXACTLY what we need in the middle of our defense.

    IDK if the FO has been spying in on our forum or what, but whatever it is I hope they keep it up!!! Like I said, I've never been so excited about an offseason(and all we signed was a TE and a G lol)

    Update: Going after Shonn Greene now...I've been saying we should get one of the many power backs laying around in FA for a while, and we're doing that too. This adds to the awesomeness haha.
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    Definitely agree with you that its been exciting for the first time in many years here in free agency.The last time i think we did something like this was in 2006 and we happened to land some very good players that year that helped us start winning again after the bad years in 2004 and 2005.Maybe this time we will do the same and land some long term players here who will do good things here and lead us back to winning once again.We are laying a new foundation of players here now and letting go of some of the old so hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things.
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    I'm just happy we're being linked to so many players. It shows that the front office is at least putting out feelers to see what would be needed to sign these players. Usually we just sit back and let everyone snatch up all of the good players, but we are actually seeing what it would take to sign them.
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    Sammie Lee Hill is a straigh scrub. My best friend is a Lions fan and says that when he did get PT he sucked!
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    I didn't know we got Levitre. Is that confirmed?
  6. Brew City

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    It's been confirmed since yesterday at 3.
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  7. dontdraftcutler

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    I just want to read soon, "Titans cut Amano, save $" If we pay that scrub...what is it like $4 million this season? Make him restructure for the vet minimum or cut his sorry arse.
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    Well we get to find out for ourselves now don't we?!? lol...from what I've seen, Lions fans all wish they could keep him. They say he's much better than C Williams(who is pretty good). Maybe your friend don't know what he's talking about.
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    I dont expect us to cut Amano til after the draft. No need to yet. Seems as if we have the money needed to sign players. Besides, we still need a RG to fill, which he played until he went to C. We are not guarenteed, although likely, to get either Warmack, Cooper, or Warrford.
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    I was seeing the same thing from Lion's fan forums. The majority opinion is they will miss him and that we picked up a gem for cheap. Hope it works out that way.
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