Schwartz Given Two-Year Extension

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. wycheck28

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    THANK GOD THE GIANTS BEAT THE MOST NASTY TEAM IN THE NFL THE PATRIOTS... SORRY I JUST HAD TO SAY THAT AGAIN.. i have never liked the giants but now i will never say a negative thing about the giants ever again no matter what... the giants did 2 things with that win 1st beat the nasty cheating patriots enough said but the 2nd thing they did was give every nfl team hope exspecialy a team like the dont have to be the best team in the nfl with the best qb.. all you have to do is be emotionally high, play awsome defense, and manage the ball well, and last but not least peak at the right time..the titans have an awsome defense( with of without schwartz) now if we can ad a couple of more pieces to the offensive puzzle to help us manage the game better and get on a streak at the right time next year we have a chance to be next years giants.. ask yourself this before this year started who would you want to be the qb of your team in the 4th quarter down buy 3 with 2min to go would you want vince young or eli manning??? i know i would have choosen young!!! what a difference 5 mths makes.... TITANS SUPERBOWL 09
  2. RollTide

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    Cheesehead, what do you mean by sidetracking?

  3. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    Maybe he and Jeff Fisher are just really close friends. I know he has his supporters, and that is fine. True it is impressive that we came form the cellar to #5 defense...but didn't it seem like EVERY time we had a lead we changed schemes? As far as first halves go and when we played from behind, he did a bang up job. But when we got a lead (which i know wasn't that often because of our offense...) we played scared. I won't even talk about the Texans game and Sage Rosenfels. I just wish we sould be an attacking style defense and not a bend but don't break type defense. I'm not saying blitz every down, but for goodness sakes, keep it aggressive when we get up by a field goal on somebody. I am sure many of you will disagree with me, but i think some of you know what I'm talking about. We will regret not getting Gregg Williams back on our sideline.
  4. Titan_4Good.

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    Well is to late now to get williams as a DC he just joined the jaguars!!!
  5. CheeseheadTitan

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    Bear with me here....I am answering this from memory. I am not a stats hound, so I don't want to engage in a stats discussion here.

    In 2003 I thought that we had the most talented team in the AFC. However, we lost twice to the Colts (got run over by them in Indy in a game where I don't know if they dressed a punter, if memory serves), lost to the Patriots in a game where all I remember is that we never stopped them all game, allowed the Doug Johnson-led Falcons to stick 30 on us (in the game that McNair lost most of his mobiity for the remainder of the season, but we did win), allowed Chad Pennington and his mighty Jets to look like Marino against us in a Titan loss on Monday night, then allowed the very average Bills to but up close to 30 on us in Nashville (again, a game we won, but lost Volek for the rest of the season). Even with the first loss to the Colts, we were in the driver's seat for the AFC South until we were not able to stop them on our home field later in the year. We wound up finishing 11-5 with a wild card Baltimore against the Ravens. As with all Raven games, this one was very physical. We won, but once again at an expense (Eddie separated his shoulder.....limiting him for the following week). The following week we played the Patriots in Foxboro, where it was 3 degrees. We lost, and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl.

    I think that if we had won the division (which, as the most talented team in the AFC, should have happened, IMO), we may have done much better. That is what I meant by "sidetrack". Don't get me wrong....I do not lay all of this on Schwartz. Injuries played a key role here as well. But, I do believe that Schwartz's inability to adjust and general ineptitude was a key contributor to dropping us into the wild card spot.

    Bottom line.....I believe the guy held us back in 2003, is holding us back now, and will continue to do so (apparently for another 2 years).
  6. GoT

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    Chunks is gay

    everyone knows Schwartz blows Chunks
  7. Psychop1

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    We were 12-4 in '03 and tied with the Colts for the division, though they did own us twice and held the tie breaker.

    Other than a few games, the defense played pretty good in '03 (number one against the run if I remember right). It was '04 when we started our descent. We did lose Kearse after the '03 season, and to make matters worse, we couldn't keep anyone healthy (not that Kearse would have been healthy if he were here) on the D-Line or the secondary. Hell, that was the season Lamont Thompson became a starter. '05 wasn't any better with more cap casualties. Two rookies starting at corner???

    Those may look like excuses, but that's because that is what they are :)) . Seriously though, the team went through a lot in that time span. Is it really fair to tip the scales on his bad years considering what the team was going through???

    Seriously, in '06, the defense ranked very low. People wanted Schwartz's head on a platter. A few of his (us) supporters argued that the defense was better than it's ranking evidenced by their turnovers. Still not an easy point to argue.

    In '07 he turns that same 32nd ranked defense, with the exception of it's biggest playmaker (number one reason everyone including the talking heads said our defense would fail), and turned it into the number fifth overall.

    Why do we still have to argue this??? He's a good coach. Not the best, but the best available.

    I'm pretty sure our horrible offense held us back.
  8. Fry

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    we were also 31st against the pass.

    i really feel those defensive stats that year were sewed thanks to us scoring 30+ points every week.
  9. Psychop1

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    Skewed??? Yes, however, overall still tells the story. Number one against the run because teams are passing all game. 31st against the pass because, well, teams are passing all game... What was the defense ranked overall??? 12th??? 13th??? Don't remember, but it was somewhere in that neighborhood, and it was still a pretty good defense.
  10. CheeseheadTitan

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    12-4 in 03?? That would explain why my memory could not give me a fifth loss (two to Colts, one to Pats, one to Jets).

    Every time I complain about Schwartz (normally) I will exempt 04 and 05 for the reasons you illustrate above. We were hit by the cap hard, and those years can definitely not be solely laid on Schwartz. That being said, I still maintain that, in the other years, our defense did not perform up to its potential, and that I do lay on Schwartz.

    Are there worse coaches???? Probably (I would be one, for instance). However, I really believe that we need to upgrade this position if we want to get back to football in February. He simply cannot swim with the other big fish that are still in the water at that point of the season, IMO.
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