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    The few blitzes I saw were picked up. Our CBs have to be willing to jam the WRs to prevent those quick slants and drags that Peyton loves to burn blitzing defenses using. I don't think the Titans CBs are good enough or they didn't want to risk getting burned when the blitz gets picked up.

    Guys like Casey and Morgan had to win a few and didn't do enough.
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    I definitely agree with what you are saying. We do need more push with Casey and our DEs, but it just seemed like we waited to get beat. I don't see Peyton making huge mistakes when given the time to throw. The only time I've seen him get frustrated and make bad decisions, is when he's being pressured and hit. We just didn't do any of that Sunday. I totally agree with what you said though and I hope we can better address the DEs in Free Agency next year.
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    Verner was trying to jam all day and kept getting PI calls against him for TOTALLY clean, physical play. When you're a 5'9 190 lbs corner trying to press/cover a 6'4 220 guy you're already at a disadvantage, throw the fact that you can't even touch this guy and you're done for. Those calls changed the way this game was played. Our players played their hearts out and got screwed. Anyone downplaying the effect of this has never played in a game where no matter what you do every positive play is taken away from you. Playing against a stacked deck is one of the worst feelings in the world.
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    Those calls happened beyond the five. I give him one because he needs to know what the refs will let him get by with but, after that, he has to adjust his game.
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    The holding call against Sensabaugh covering Welker was crap too. It was a screen pass. Welker was running out to block Coty, why would he hold him?
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    I really don't understand our approach to the pass rush. I hope to be able to back and watch the tape of the game, but my impressions was the same as in the other games. We rarely do stunts or loops on the DL and our players seem to attack the blockers instead of the gaps. Not to mention that I rarely see any true pass rush moves, tomahawk, club/dip and rip or even spin. It seems like our strategy is to always drive the OL into the QB.
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