Should Tennessee Cut Or Keep Chris Johnson?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 31, 2013.

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    honestly I thought there was a roster bonus due around start of FA, but I am just as likley wrong
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    I do it in front on 68000 8-10 times a season, but thats it.
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    excellent points man, I think it will all depend on who are new HC is and O coordinator. They may be able to use him more effectively than munch and company which would not surprise me because our offense was terrible at moving the ball this year. I say that not looking at stats but just from what I saw and the fact we got beat 8 out of our last 10 games.
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    So $8M of a cap hit is worth 1,077 rushing yards to you? If so, you're insane.

    If a HC/OC feels they can utilize him, great! Maybe he'll get back into form. If not, that $6M in cap space can be used to fix other holes and we can roll with Greene and a draft pick/FA.
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    CJ and MJD would be sick! Doubt he'd want to come here and doubt we'd cut Greene but that would be b@d@ss.
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    I think Munch did not use CJ correctly in the past 3 years...We will find out if the new regime can
    fix the running game

    Att. 279, Yards 1078, avg. 3.9
    Rec. 42, Yards 349, avg. 8.2

    Over 1400 yards in production and 10 total TD.

    While it was clear that the running game was not productive enough, what is not clear is who's to blame. The offensive line under performed, the coaching staff did not utilize players in the best way and CJ has lost a step. These are all possibilities and it may be a little of all of them. But I put a lot of the blame on the head coach. I also recall many plays where CJ was getting hit or touch in the backfield or there wasn't much of a hole to run through- that it the line or play calling. I also remember CJ giving up to quickly after contact or hesitating when he need to hit the hole quicker- that's all on CJ. There wasn't much confidence in the run game this year and it showed.

    I'm in favor of giving CJ the benefit of the doubt but we need a coach who can revamp the offensive scheme.
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    But even in 2010 he played very poorly at times
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    He'll play well with a coach and system that utilizes him correctly, plus he makes our team more attractive to a head coaching candidate. What else are we gonna do with that 4 million in cap space.. get some half-ass defensive player? Our offense killed us last season, we need help there. We'll just have another draft need if we cut CJ. And we run the risk of watching him be reborn somewhere else.
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    I'm basically in the middle. If we keep him, cool. If not, cool. Lol i think he might still have that it factor, and I would like to see how he would be in a new system, but his last 3 years have been terrible. How many players in the NFL get 3 years of being an average player but getting paid like a Franchise QB? Last year they where talking about replacing Philip Rivers after his 2 year slump.
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