So, Who are the Cancers?

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    Has there ever been a successful NFL HC who is a HOFer as HC? I'm not that familiar with NFL history.

    Seems that success as a player severely limits a persons ability to adapt to change. Many of the great former NFL players I've encountered are head-strong and almost arrogant. Not all of them, of course, but a disproportionate %. It seems like they believe their ideology, practice methods and ethic are all that is necessary to transition their player success into coaching success. It just doesn't work that way. As a HC, you have to take a more executive approach. You can't be too much of a player coach because that loses respect after a while. You can't be too caught up in attempting to infuse your own "glory days" methods into your current team. I think that is one of the problems we are seeing with Munchak (and Matthews as OL coach). They don't seem capable of innovation or adaptability. They seem recalcitrant to change.

    I really hope we see a fresh start at the end of the season. I'm roped in on these season fix as I paid my own cash for the PSL expense. I'd like to bail (and might) but I'm losing significant money if I do. Nobody will purchase the PSL transfer from me and I'm in steep with 8 of them. I can't keep throwing good money after bad because I simply don't enjoy going to watch the crap product any more. Been that way for about 5 years now. I was hoping we'd turn the corner but my doubts about Munchak, Locker and the organization's direction haven't been relieved.
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    So, you have essentially two, three if you count LeBeau as a D cord. None of them recent.
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    something something... munchak....emotion... funny observation... something something
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    trading a first rounder for an under-performing RB.... that was truly not a smart move and one i was so happy they made.... the only RB with value like that is AP...
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    And I attribute those moments when I'm like 'wtf, why is everybody so far back and the middle of the field empty' solely on Gray...
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    I still want the optimists to show me the other 4 wins we're supposed to get...
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    go ask Titan520 lol
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    I thought it was interesting that the two most vocal players regarding the lack of effort were Pollard and Walker. Both are first year Titans and come from winning programs. Clearly, they are frustrated with the Titan culture.
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    And they were brought in, in part, because the vets on the roster have not stepped up to be leaders.

    Griffin should be a vocal leader on this defense and hasn't stepped up. CJ should be a leader. Besides Washington, the Titans got nothing. It's been an issue on the roster for the last few seasons, IMO.

    Bulluck used to call team meetings. I've not heard a peep about anyone on this team stepping up to do that. It's needed.
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