So why did Bud Adams fire Mike Reinfeldt?

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    Which they then completely failed to do as well...
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    I agree. We had no direction and glaring needs weren't met. I think RW is skilled at recognizing talent. I hope he is as equally skilled at WHEN to draft somebody as he is WHO.

    Somebody needs to be in charge of managing the long term needs of the staff. (When to extend, when not to, etc.) If MR was calling the shots to put us in the position we are in now, then I am glad he gone. I'd like some reassurance that RW wasn't also responsible.
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    More words of wisdom from Herm Edwards. Not complicated is it.
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    For those who want to cheer for a team that gets high draft picks maybe you should try cheering for the Browns. They almost always get a high draft pick. Some years they take a big college star. Some years they trade down for more picks. But one thing you can count on, they always get a nice high pick.

    As for me, I will keep cheering for my team to win. Those who cheer for their team to get the highest possible draft pick can go cheer for the Browns. See where their decade plus of high picks hs gotten them. Even our own team. Highest picks since this team has come to Nashville are Pacman Jones and Vince Young.

    Draft smart, not high.
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    totally agree

    and dont get a man crush on a workout warrior or combine hero
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    I agree with a lot of your post. But let's be real. Manning was FAR from a "sure thing" in the offseason. He was 36 years old. Was out of football for a year. And was coming off of multiple neck surgeries. There were A LOT of question marks. I seem to recall the most widespread opinion being that he wouldn't be the same guy.

    Hindsight's 20/20. And we obviously would be better off with him on the roster. But given the question marks and the huge contract he was going to command, not to mention potentially hindering the development of a QB we just drafted in the first round, it's honestly tough for me to blame anyone for not being completely on board.

    Bud needs to look in the motherf****g mirror sometime. He constantly makes incompetent hires. Then won't let them do their job as they see fit. Then he bitches and moans and wonders why we suck.
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    scapegoat/cost savings
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    Well the bitches and moans part is understandable anyways
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    That's the problem. This organization absolutely refuses to draft smart.
  10. The Hammer

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    Every since Floyd Reese left. Other than Woolfolk and taking Kevin Dyson over Randy Moss I cannot fault the picks Reece made.
    Year #
    1991 (none)
    1992 (none)
    1993 13 Brad Hopkins T Illinois
    1994 26 Henry Ford DE Arkansas
    1995 3 Steve McNair QB Alcorn State
    1996 14 Eddie George RB Ohio State
    1997 18 Kenny Holmes DE Miami (FL)
    1998 16 Kevin Dyson WR Utah
    1999 16 Jevon Kearse DE Florida
    2000 30 Keith Bulluck LB Syracuse
    2001 Traded for DE Kevin Carter
    2002 15 Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
    2003 28 Andre Woolfolk CB Oklahoma
    2004 (none)
    2005 6 Pacman Jones CB West Virginia
    2006 3 Vince Young QB Texas

    Pacman and Vince were taken while Reece was the GM but they were not his picks. Fisher went over Reece's head to Bud because Fisher wanted Pacman and Reece did not want to take him. Vince was forced on Reece by Bud himself.