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    And if you think Gruden is on the level of Dooley you are clueless. Obviously Gruden will out develop Dooley... how is this debatable?

    Gruden is SB winning coach who also took a Raiders team to the AFC Championship. He did this with Brad Johnson and Rich Gannon.

    Dooley is a nice guy that should not be in the coaching game.
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    Obviously Gruden is an upgrade from Dooley, but I just don't get the infatuation with Gruden among Vol nation. He's a good coach. He's never rebuilt a team with young talent. He hasn't been on the recruiting trail in 20 years, and even then he wasn't going after elite prospects.

    Charlie Wise was a great offensive mind who was supposedly going to have a "clear schematic advantage." Didn't work out too well.

    I see two things happening after Dooley gets fired; they land Gruden and there are impossible expectations or they get someone else and everyone hates the guy because he isn't Gruden.

    Even people on this board would sell their soul for Gruden to be the coach of the Titans. Nevermind that Gruden has a winning percentage EXACTLY the same as Jeff Fisher.
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    if the not-Gruden wins 8 and is competitive in the other 4 the hate will not last
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    That is simply not the case. Gruden is a pipe dream but I actually do think their is some realism. There are other good qualified coaches. Vols fans will not hate on a Holgerson hire for example. I do see outrage if we hire some small school guy with as little experience and success as Dooley though. There is a lot more time to search now.

    Even with the giant mess and disadvantage Dooley inherited, more is expected than this. Dooley is not getting it done. It has been 3 years and Vandy is not a guaranteed victory.
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    As far as Vandy goes it would be a good year for UT to play Auburn. Dooley has the team playing a good two quarters so I think it's fair he only gets paid half salary.
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    I went to the game tonight... had a good time despite the massacre. I was expecting it unlike some dumb homers.

    I even predicted a 45-13 Bama victory. Crapped myself when I saw the final... if Bama had made that extra point, I'd have been exactly right... but I can't brag too much - college scores are super easy to predict when an awful team plays a great one.

    Even though I had fun at the game, I won't go to another one until Dooley is gone.
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    Fire that asshat

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    Has dooley won a road game outside the state of Tennessee yet? Not counting neutral site games.... He's been there how long? Unless UTjr gets Petrino, theres no real reason to fire dooley... Someone has to be the SEC whoopin boy... Why not both SEC Schools in Tennessee. At this rate, UTjr is going to become little brother to VANDY. Atleast UTjr will be responsible for UK keeping joker phillips after he wins 2 in a row against the vuls
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