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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Hello all im new here but me and my wife are die hard football fans regretfully shes a titans fan and im a pats fan so our house is going to be a fun place to be this year as with the home opener for the titans is against the pats. The biggest thing ive been looking for is tickets i've gone to stubhub, and a slew of other sites for tickets i was just wondering if anyone here has tickets that they are willing to sell for a reasonable price? thanks and cant wait for football to start
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    Welcome to the forums! Allow me to be the first to call you a bandwagon Pats fan, no better than a Colts fan.

    You're wife however seems to have her life together and seems pretty knowledgeable. I'm willing to sell her a single ticket. If Stubhub isn't working out (are you checking it now?), then I would wait until a week or two before the game you want.. I am assuming Titans vs Pats week 1. If still no go, ebay actually isn't a bad place to find some tickets. Picked up two tickets there last year for 30 or 40 bucks.
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    And i accept that even though i am not, i have been looking at stubhub. Thank you for the heads up i will keep an eye on both
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    If you don't have any luck by the first of September try Nashville area on craigslist that is how I get 90% of many tickets for any event. You can pick them up from a local when you come down or they can leave thm at will call. Hope this helps.

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    Newbie here from Hendersonville TN.

    I hope the Titans have great season...
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    What's up guys. I've been lurking on these forums and the old tomb daily for a really long time now but was never able to sign up because you can't use gmail accounts. But thanks to facebook login here I am.

    little about me.. My names Matt. I'm from northern VA just outside of DC. I was originally a chiefs fan (still am) since my dad was from topeka kansas and he was a die hard fan. Didn't care to much for how negatively he cheered for them so I choose my own team in 97. Our beloved Tennessee Oilers at the time. Been a die hard fan since. I still cheer on my chiefs in my pops memory. Anyways it's nice to finally be able to post after coming on here for so long.

    I'm pretty excited about the changes our Titans have made the past couple years. I think we've added some quality players to the team on both sides of the ball. Our offense is young and has to potential to be really explosive. Can't wait to see how things go this season.
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    TurdFerguson... that's a funny name.
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    and quite a large hat.
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    Hi all - another Pats fan here (and no not a bandwagon one:) ). My husband (not a Pats fan) and I are planning on coming down from Ohio for this game. I bought 2 tickets on Ebay but there were some things that seemed suspicious about it and now that I have the tickets I'm wondering if they're real tickets or fakes. Is there a way to tell if physical tickets are real other than showing up for the game and trying to get in?

    Should there be a ticketmaster logo on the tickets or holograms or anything like that? When I look at the tickets they are perforated (I think that's the right word for this) at the bottom and both sides, but the sides aren't cut cleanly - i.e. one side of one ticket has a small notch that doesn't match up with the other ticket, and one side of the other ticket has some extra paper that doesn't match up with the other ticket. There's a picture of Jason McCourty on both tickets and they say "code blue" and "ymca drive". Can someone tell me if there's anything that I can look for on these tickets to verify that they're real or if there's anything I can do to verify this ahead of time?

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    That's what my season tickets look like. No hologram or anything. It looks to be easy to duplicate but I think you have legit tickets.