This is the Worst Team in the NFL...

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    It is possible to keep most players and get them to play for a decent coaching staff (see 49ers). It is much more likely, however, that we are going to suck for years. We have had failed re-build x 2. The season ticket holders will soon jettison their PSL's or simply sell to opposing fans until we get a decent team. That disaster spells a franchise that stays in the toilet with bargain bin coaches and FA's unless they can put together multiple years of successful drafts with high picks.

    Say what you will about Fisher, but he has the Rams on a good re-building path AND he is producing some "quality" wins. He parlayed the Rams high pick for multiple 2nd rounders that are working out nicely. Reinfeldt and Weber are like two sagging tits.
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    I agree we could be legit as soon as next season with new coaches. Not saying Super Bowl bound. But we could be above-average.

    I also agree that we have some decent talent. Just about every single player we were counting on to step up has instead taken a step back. Offense as a whole has regressed. Defense as a whole has regressed.

    It's just gotta be coaching and don't see how anyone can say otherwise. It's impossible that "all of our players just suck".
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    The difference between my opinion and yours is that you believe more of our players just suck than I do. I think with good coaching this exact team could be pretty good. We were badly outworked in the offseason imo.

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    Really? Cause I thought thats all they could do out there, they aren't playing football.
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    Yep, worst team in the NFL. Where are the bright spots?

    We were 9-7 last year. What was our problem? One of the worst O-lines and one of the worst pass rushes in the NFL. We didn't improve either of these. Wimbley was nice, but was never elite with Oakland. Hutch was a nice player but was never going to turn the O-line around at his age.

    Team looks very poorly coached. Heard a guy on the radio say that we were the worst fundamental defense he had seen. Offense is terrible and we don't have a creative thinker who can find ways to get around a terrible O-Line and a Terrible QB(I actually think we could have competed with the Vikings if Locker was playing).

    A lot of our struggles go back to drafting Wright in the 1st round. We took a luxury pick when were 9-7 the year prior(with an easy schedule). Not a fan of the GM.
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    I never said our players suck. I just dont see any promise anywhere to turn this franchise around in a year.

    If they could change things around and compete for a playoff spot next season then I would gladly be the first person to eat crow, trust me.

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    Can we have our bye this week please....
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    Well he averages 3.7...

    If you actually watch him play, you'd see what I'm talking about.
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    I feel like I shouldn't even attend Thursday night's game because the team doesn't deserve my support... but I will. Jake, please play. Hasselbeck, please retire.
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    I'm done for the season. Even if someone offers me free tickets I won't go. I don't even think this organization is worthy of my beer money.