Time To Mourn?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DCtitan49, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. theprizdfighter

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    Carriker or Anderson in the 1st.
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    We started out terrible... absolutely terrible last year, BUT VY got us to within one quarter from the playoffs... I truely believe we would have surprised some people last year in the playoffs. VY is a winner... he lives for the big win... Im not trying to be cliche, but seriously in two to three years we are going to look back say we had no idea what Vince had in store for this team. Vince is different than anyone EVER at the quarterback spot. There have been incredible athletes at quarterback (Vick), there have been great pure passers (Marino), there have been pure field generals (Peyton), and quarterbacks for just win d*mn games (Brady)....... but Vince is something transcendent guys... I truely believe he is... The guy has the desire to win more than anyone in the league (yes more than brady now + that patriots cheap TD may have pushed him over the top), he is the second most athletic QB to Vick, he may not have a top tier arm but anybody could see his improvements last year. But he is transcendent because of one reason... NO-ONE has ever been this athletic at QB, this kind of QB leadership skills, and a desire to win like him.... In 10 years we are going to look back and say he was the best QB ever... He is going to change the position. He can run for more than 800 yards and throw for 3000, but the best thing is that he doesn't care if he does or not... he JUST wants to WIN!
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    Are you really calling Brady out for that? I know it was a cocky move by the Pats, but do you really think Brady had anything to do with it other than listening to his coach?
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    Wasn't it Testaverde?
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    Yes it was, the reasoning was that he became the first QB to score a TD in 20 consecutive seasons I think, it was just a cocky way of making history. I have a lot more respect for people who let their oponents lose peacefully than those who twist the daggar 'to make history'
  7. EasyC

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    I love brady more than any other player not wearing a titans uniform not name Farve... but yeah I wasn't exactly calling brady out... I know testerverde through the pass, but after the TD, Brady ran onto the field and jumped up and into testeverde's arms like they'd just won the super bowl. It was that celebration after the fact that got Bullock so upset he walked off the field without going to the sideline.
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    Don't like it, have your D stop it.
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    ugh, a white DE? This is not the 60s or 70s anymore... :moon2:
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