Titans Defense Wants to Add Old Attitude

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    Iggles paid Kearse 70m, Titans were right to let him go. Could not even afford to Franchise him, for some reason, and force Philly to trade for him. Iggles thought JK was the last piece to their SB dreams and were willing to way over pay for him.
  2. fltitan

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    Its reported today that the Dolphins are planning to take Ahmed Brooks in the supplemental draft. I sure hope we look hard at this guy if we are serious about defense. He is big fast and can play in the middle was projected to be a mid to late 1st or very early 2nd in the April draft. He had some off field problems that need to be looked into but could be just what we need and we probably can get him with the 4th we got from Baltimore. If Miami takes him in the 3rd round they will lose that pick for next years draft.
  3. Gunny

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    San Fran are interested as well I believe
  4. Fry

    Fry #BringJalenHome

    he also has two bad knees.
  5. Fry

    Fry #BringJalenHome

    was it really that big of a mistake? jevon kearse hasnt been The Freak since he broke his foot. his highest sack total with the eagles is 7.5. i think we have a better player in KVB to be honest.
  6. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    Finally after years of preaching they've seen the Light! Hopefully MbSGWB will be converted sooner than later!

    As for Brooks, I love his talent and athleticism but is a fourth round pick worth having another character problem on the team that fisher will have to baby sit and defend in the media?
  7. Gut

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    The mistake was not in letting Kearse go. The mistake was not getting anything for him (save a compensatory pick). Reese needed to have enough money to Franchise him and then deal him to the highest bidder.

    If schwartz does not change, then yes, we won't have a good D under his reign. Hopefully, Schwartz has either had the light come on or had one lit under him because Fisher and perhaps Reese's jobs are gonna be on the line!

  8. Sukrillux

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    I think Fisher and Reese feel that they need to at least make a wildcard game this year to hold on to their jobs. As unlikely as it sounds, it may just happen if the defense plays with the attitude they are trying to implement. We have the team-wide talent this season. If the defense is not a threat this year, the only one to blame would be the DC. If Chow is allowed to step up the game on offense (due to no fear of stepping on vet's toes), we should see some of those big-time creative plays that the Titans were known for in '99-'03. I expect the Titans to be a threat to Jax and possibley Indie. BTW, does Houston still have a pro team? :lol:
  9. I think Fisher will and should hold onto his job even if we don't make the play-offs this year, unless its another 4-12, 5-11.

    It'll be great to see some rock hard attitude thats been missing for a long time, hopefully with the influence of KVB and Bulluck we can
  10. Gut

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    Well, as a head coach...here's your options.

    In the past Oilers/Titans players would frequently practice in full pads so their hitting stayed sharp along with their tackling.

    But in recent years, we've been hit by many injuries which have hampered us on the field so Fisher has been shying away from practicing in pads so frequently.

    So do you practice in pads and risk injuring your guys but make us better on the field come game time (assuming we don't lose people from this), or do we practice more safely but are not as good on the field?

    Personally, I prefer practicing in pads and making the team better. Even practicing safely doesn't mean you won't lose a player during the game anyway...so you might as well go for it.

    Of course, it's not MY job on the line...but that was the recipe for our 'old' style of smashmouth football!

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