Titans look to bolster home noise, home record

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    Have Titans home crowds been quieter this year than in the past?

    One might make that guess based on the fact that through three home games in 2012, no visiting opponent has taken a false-start penalty.

    That’s in contrast to the past five years, when opponents at LP Field were flagged for 69 false starts, tied for the third-highest total in the league behind Arizona (82) and Detroit (71).

    “I don’t think it’s been quieter,” Titans defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks said. “The Pittsburgh game wasn’t quiet because it was a pretty close game. Detroit wasn’t quiet either because it was still interesting and a lot of people were still into it.”

    Speaking of home games, the Titans on Sunday will be looking to record their third straight victory at LP Field, something that hasn’t happened since 2009 when the Titans posted successive home wins over Jacksonville, Buffalo, Arizona, St. Louis and Miami.

    Overall, the Titans have been a strong home team at LP Field, producing a 67-40 record the stadium opened in 1999.

    “That would be big for the organization and the fanbase,” Marks said of a third straight home win. “But I personally didn’t know that stat. We’re just keyed on winning the next game and continuing (the overall) winning streak. We want to get back in the hunt and get back to .500, just go out and take care of business this week.”

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    Can't count the Thursday night game since 40% of the stadium were Steeler fans.

    Overall, I think the Titans fans react to what is happening on the field. When the defense is playing well, the fans are loud. That's not been often.
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  3. Ghost

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    ... what have we had to really cheer about?
  4. GoT

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    totally agree.

    1Q third and 14 Im banging 2 chair backs and yelling my face off - 21 yard in too the TE for a FD

    2Q third and 2 Im banging 2 chair backs - RB plunge for 4 and another FD

    3Q third and 8 Im banging a chair back - QB drinks a cup of coffee before deciding too hit the flanker comming back too him for 11 and another FD

    4Q third and 1 Im sitting on my seat waiting for the D too make a play - QB sneak for the yard and a FD

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    67-40 at home huh... I remember when no one walked out of The Coliseum with a win, man those were the days. LP Field is the 2nd worst stadium name in the NFL, man do I wish we would change that thing.

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    Back when we could play defense and bring pressure! Before the mush rush and the constant zone coverage. Days when we brought our style and made other teams adapt to us. Now we just sit back, and have done this for several years now, play our zone and let qb's carve us up. On top of that we cannot stop the run anymore.
  7. The Playmaker

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    Reading this thread makes me depressed and now I'm sad. Happy sadderday.
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  9. GoT

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    I love that artificial line they have drawn...

    granted there was a couple of decent home Ws in there.

    Appears the Titan FO has stopped selling blocks of tickets in the away markets - finally.
  10. altitan

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    I remember when everyone used to talk about our stadium like they do about Seattle.
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