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    Most the offseason talk so far has centered on running back Chris Johnson, Pro Bowl cornerback Alterraun Verner, and safety Bernard Pollard, and their futures with the team. At least when folks aren’t talking about whether Jake Locker will finally be able to establish himself as the Titans’ starting quarterback this fall, that is.

    I’ve been on record saying I don’t expect Johnson back with the Titans, and keeping Verner will be tough because he’s going to be costly. Just how valuable Pollard considers himself will go a long way in determining his status. Verner and Pollard are both scheduled to become free agents.

    It’s no wonder those pressing needs have overshadowed some big free agents dangerously close to expiring contracts – left tackle Michael Roos and defensive tackle Jurrell Casey. Their deals are up after the 2014 season, and both are key cogs. The only concern with Casey, who is coming off a 10.5 sack season when he played like a Pro Bowler, is how he’ll fit into a changing defense.

    There’s no question about Roos, which is why the Titans should try and lock him up to an extension this offseason.

    Roos has been one of the team’s most dependable players since the Titans arrived in Tennessee. He’s scheduled to make $6.625 in the final year of his deal. After that, he’ll become a free agent, and the Titans would run the risk of losing him. I haven’t talked to Roos since the end of the season. The bet here is he’d like to remain in Tennessee. If he became a free agent, would new Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak convince Pittsburgh’s brass to come after him? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    It seems like just a few years ago when the Titans signed Roos to a six-year, $43 million contract extension, but can you believe that was back in 2008? All these years later, Roos continues to play at a high level.

    During an offseason when I also anticipate the Titans moving on from right tackle David Stewart because of his health (shoulder/leg) and a big contract number ($6.4 base in 2014), it’s hard to imagine the Titans looking for starting tackles in back-to-back years. They should find one this offseason, either in the draft or free agency, and lock up Roos.

    According to Pro Football Focus, Roos was not only the team’s highest-rated offensive lineman, he was the highest-rated player on the entire offense in 2013, while allowing just two sacks.

    Since being drafted by the Titans in the second round of the 2005 NFL Draft, Roos has missed only one game at the tackle position with 143 starts out of 144 games. The only reason he missed that game was because of his appendix being removed that week.

    During his nine-year career, Roos has been a quiet, durable leader. He’s a player who’s easily taken for granted.

    Will 2014 be his last year in Tennessee? It shouldn’t be.

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  3. RockyTop Fox

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    He's been one of our most dependable players ever since he was drafted. He's always been quiet too, never complaining about being underpaid. What a class act. I'd love to see him extended, but I dunno how much he has left in the tank. Extending guys like Wright, Walker, Locker, and Casey may be more pressing.
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  4. The Hammer

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    He is 31 but has never had major injury issues. If that continues he could play another 3-4 years at a high level. Many other top OL have done the same.

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    2 sacks?!??!? Ha! And people say Morgan stinks....
  6. TitanJeff

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    Roos has been an outstanding player but I think he's shown some decline the last two seasons in his run-blocking. I'm not saying he's not worth extending but I would be not be surprised if the Titans want to see him a few games into the 2014 season before making an offer.

    The Titans got 13 seasons out of Hopkins which maybe was a season or two longer that it should have been. I could see Roos getting a five-year deal that gives him some nice guaranteed money to end his career a Titan.

    As for Casey, they need to get it done but I expect them to wait until they how he does in the Horton D and see if he can play at a high level in back-to-back seasons.
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  7. titanfanatic

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    The last thing the Titans should be worrying about is extending Locker. The guy needs to finish a season without ripping his panties first. IMO I think he's lucky to be getting another shot at starting. Roos has been durable and dependable which at the LT position is not easy to come by these days. Pay the dam man, can you imagine how many games locker would of made it through if he didn't have Roos?
  8. The Hammer

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    The entire Titans OL saw a decline in run blocking once Munch was promoted and Matthews became OL coach. Which I think is not a coincidence. Willing to bet the big Estonian bounces back this year.
  9. TitanJeff

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    A seven-year vet getting beat by the man across from him has nothing to do with coaching, IMO. Roos was a top 5 LT in this league for a long time but players decline. Even at 80% of his best he's still solid but I don't see the Titans paying him top LT money to keep him.
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  10. The Hammer

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    Well I do not think he will or should get top money. And we never know what Matthews had them doing. Could have had Roos using some half-baked technique that he was not suited to. And that is why he struggled at times.