Titans vow to keep fighting

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    Yea we arnt exceptionally lacking talent by any means tho. A few pieces can change this team. Coaches especially.
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    Going by the logic of some people, I'm not really sure why teams even have coaches.
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    He's said numerous times throughout the season his knee is messed up.
  4. SlidePiece

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    I've come to the conclusion that they simply believe the HC doesn't matter.

    I couldn't disagree more. Nick Foles is pretty good under Chip Kelly, here, even with better talent, I don't think he would be nearly the same player. I think the same could be said about many other players around the league. If you put them here, under Mike Munchak, they don't have the same production and aren't the same player.

    I could be wrong, but that's the impression I get. And I think it's a big coaching problem.
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  5. SawdustMan

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    That's my whole point. So far the only reasons people have for keeping him are "The team isn't quitting" (<- absolutely valid and indisputable) and "He's brought in some good free agents" (<- slightly more disputable but sure, let's give it to him). Aside from those two things, I've literally seen nothing besides things to the effect of "Oh he's been so unlucky". Thing is, those type of excuses would have been true no matter WHO the HC is. They speak nothing of what he actually brings to the table. They're merely excuses, plain and simple.

    I don't expect everyone to agree with me. But I'd just like, for once, for one of the people who are okay with Munch coming back next year to give me more than one or two redeeming qualities about the guy. I'm just trying to understand where the other side is coming from. Because I can't wrap my mind around "He's been unlucky and the team is playing hard/scoring moral victories" being enough to excuse all the points in the CON column. Things such as:

    - 2-20 against winning teams
    - 4-12 in the division overall
    - 0-4 in the division this season
    - losing 8 of the last 10
    - losing 5 straight home games for the first time in franchise history
    - losing to the worst team in the league every year
    - putting together a mediocre, at best, staff

    I mean, I get that he's a nice guy and the players are playing hard for him. But is that the standard here? Actual results be damned?
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    Thats all that should matter.
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  7. Scarecrow

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    People think I am trying to be funny when I use the term 'close enough bowl'.

    I don't know if its something in the water, or if the state of Tennessee is just so apathetic towards its sports teams that anything above last place is acceptable.
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    You have one quality player on the DL. That's it. Morgan is mediocre. Everyone else is step below, IMO. Our LBs are not having a good season. Our CBs are lights out but it's hard to cover someone for as much time as the opposing QBs are getting. Pollard and Griffin are an upgrade but Pollard isn't strong in coverage and commits too many penalties.

    Williams is brought in to fix the defense but teams are gashing the Titans just like last year.

    One #1 WR is a head case. One #1 WR is playing well. One #1 WR is showing potential but, apparently, can't follow rules. CJ isn't a playmaker. We have two rookies on the OL. We have a RT who is hurt and done and, most important, a QB who is not good enough to take the load but is having to because the OL & playmaking RB aren't productive.

    Even the punter and kicker have had issues.

    Add it up and you have an average football team with upgrades needed all over the field—some more glaring than others.

    You are what your record indicates. At least that is the standard you are holding Munch to, correct?
  9. TitanJeff

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    See how Vick was doing under Kelly? Foles is making him look like an offensive genius again. Talent is the difference.
  10. Alex1939

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    I won't give you any redeeming qualities. And I think Munch needs to go.

    But I was shocked at how many great NFL coaches started 3 seasons of no playoffs before their team turned into Superbowl winners.

    I see few reasons to think that would happen with Munch. But I do find it interesting.