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Who will be our starting RE?

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  1. Travis LaBoy

  2. Antwan Odom

  3. Sean Conover

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  4. Jacob Ford

  5. Josh Savage

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  1. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    I would really like to see us bring Brown in. Not only would it add greater depth to a thin position but I could see his gusto helping to motivate the rest of the D-line. I REALLY like the idea of a three way battle between Brown, Laboy and Odom with Ford being the dark horse.
  2. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    I picked Ford only because that is who I want to win it. I'm sick of Laboy and Odom taking up roster spots on this team they will never be any good.

    Laboy is not stout enough vs the run because of his mediocre strength. He isn't even a great pass rusher evident of his sack totals so calling him a pass rusher is way too much credit for a guy who has 13.5 sacks in 3 seasons. Laboy also has a penchant for being soft and being injury prone, he has a reoccuring case of foot injuries and concussions. He's missed a total of 7 games in his career and atleast one each season.

    Odom has the size and strength but maybe not the best explosiveness. He's got prototypical size at 6'4 274 but isn't the fastest or most explosive which is what we need at DE. He is also injury prone himself like Laboy but got some corrected like his sleep apnia or w/e but that did nothing for his production. He hurt his groin last year or knee can't remember which is no good for his accel. He has done nothing great in his career and Laboy beats him in all the important categories. A whopping 4.5 sacks in 3 seasons comparable to a 3rd string DT who gets in every now and then and has missed 12 games all last season.

    So why again would I want one of them starting for us this season...............? I don't have a good reason so if you have one I'd love to hear it.

    I'm hoping we let Odom and Laboy take the RDE spot and rotate so they can stay fresh and let KVB and Ford have the LDE spot and rotate giving Ford more pass rushind downs early in his career would make the most sense since that is his strong suit while giving him more and more snaps at both spots while addind more running downs as he puts on more weight and strength. He had the best 10 yd dash at the combine and second best 40 yd dash to Gaines Adams but the 10 yd dash is more important to DE's anyway and he has a motor like no other so hopefully they give him plenty of chances to make plays.

    And whoever thinks Brown would not be an upgrade over Odom or Laboy is crazy but I don't want him to take away snaps form Ford because I think Ford could turn out to be a major gem.
  3. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I don't know where some of these ideas about Odom are coming from. His only real shining moments of 3 years here were in the preseason of 05, he has not been consistently good. I went back and watched some games recently just concentrating on him....and I can't say he's even as good as LaBoy. He's a little bigger, and still gets pushed around a lot.

    I'm betting round 1 for 08 = DE.

    And now for something totally off topic. Hey check out this sweet smilie :rimshot: :)
  4. Bulluckfan

    Bulluckfan Camp Fodder

    Odom has the higher potential. That's where it comes from. He's battled injuries and an apnea problem that affected his conditioning. He's also very young. If it clicks for him, Odom could be a fantastic DE.

    I'm counting on Odom to get it this year. If he does, our defense improves immensely.
  5. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    The apnea problem was fixed a year ago if not longer and did nothing for him on the field. He played 16 games his first 2 years and had no production to show for it. This year he hurt his knee and when he played did very little and got pushed around at 6'4 274..............hmmmmmm. Yeah wake me up in April when we got a new DE. He might be athletic but he isn't instinctive and will never be a impact player let alone an every down player....well maybe if were lucky yet highly doubtful..........potential yeah to be decent but to me seems very content with being solid or worse at best and doesn't have that drive and killer instinct the top DE's have.

    Laboy is on the same boat just barely better.
  6. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    How does Odom have the higher potential than LaBoy? The only thing he has over LaBoy is a little bit of size. LaBoy had better predraft workouts, and has produced more.

    I guess some would like to think of Odom as a bigger run stuffer, and LaBoy as a 3rd down pass rusher. Odom will have to step up to fill that role, but LaBoy may be best used as a pass rusher. But until Odom proves he's better, he doesn't deserve to be on the field more.

    Odom will improve the rotation, but that's not saying much over Conover and Savage.
  7. cld12pk2go

    cld12pk2go Starter

    I give Odom a pass for last year due to his injuries; however, I am expecting some solid play from him this year.
  8. Nash

    Nash Starter

    first of all... just having a Tonsillectomy and uvuloplasty doesn't always solve the problem of sleep apnea.. after being on Cpap for nearly 2 years, I can tell you that my exercise tolerance and conditioning got better after 18 maybe this year Odom really recovers..
  9. Bulluckfan

    Bulluckfan Camp Fodder

    That reminds me (SOMEWHAT CRUDE THING AHEAD). A friend of mine, who is a woman, had a deviated septum. She had just gotten it fixed, and I was at her house. Her mother, who was about 75 at the time, was on the phone with a friend. She told her friend that her daughter just got surgery to correct her deviated scrotum.

    It was pretty hilarious, especially since my friend yelled "Mom!!! Septum! Septum!"
  10. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

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