UFC 200 Greatest Card Ever???

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    The sport isn't called kickboxing it's called mixed martial arts for a reason. "Fans" that get upset and boo like most of that arena did last night everytime a wrestler actually uses wrestling techniques and takes some body to the ground and wrestles them because that is his specialty is ridiculous.

    Yes standup game haymaker bloodbaths are much more entertaining than watching ground game but that's not the sport. Silva is one of the best strikers ever, even on 3 days notice the last thing Cormier would ever want to do is kickbox him for 3 rounds as we saw he started getting tagged in the 3rd. The exact same thing applies had he fought Jones. Trying to kickbox him for 5 rounds would be suicide. Same goes for Brock. Hunt has some of if not the heaviest hands in the UFC. Brock standing with him for 3 rounds would be suicide.
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    This is coming from someone that has been in wrestling or coached it for 10 years...

    They got to do something.

    Cormier won because he took his fat belly and laid on Anderson in guard for 90% of the fight.

    IMO, you should have 45 seconds to get out of full guard. I don't care if you are "trying to advance your position", or not. Then the ref asks the bottom guy if he wants up and if he says yes, you get stood up.

    If you can't wrestle out of guard, then you at least have to take someone down repeatedly to win that way.

    Month late response FTW.