Vegas not touching Texas -Titans game

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The wEiRd, Titans at Houston

  1. I'll take the Titans and +2

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  2. I'll take the Titans strait up

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  3. Too many injuries, Texans win

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  4. I'm not touching this mess, see you next week.

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  1. fitantitans

    fitantitans This space For Rent

    I'm getting some wEiRd VIbeS from Guido & Vinnie out there in Vegas. Every booking joint has the Titans - Texans game listed as "Off the Board". Hardly anyone will touch the game. They did mention that most of them had the Texans as the favorite. One casino had the Titans -2 and that's all they could find. First time I've seen this happen.
    Vinnie says that it's because of all the high profile injuries to both teams that makes him question the outcome of the game. "Vince Young or Collins, both bring something different to the table. The defense will change depending upon who the QB is". "Collins moved the team down field quite well and was laser quick with his throws, but he's a pocket passer". "Both are throwing too many balls to the wrong team, Collins got lucky and Young had the officals working against him".
    Guido says that, "The defense fell apart when Haynesworth left the game with an injury. He returned but was not effective allowing the Bucs to double team KVB". "That left Garcia plenty of time to find WRs".
    Guido also believes that Young is cold natured and doesn't play well in hot stadiums. We'll see.
    Both Guido and Vinnie think that this is a Titans win ONLY if an offense shows up, be it Young or Collins, no difference. The defense can hold and win games against 'so-so' offenses. Houston has a better offense than we've seen in the past but their running game is falling off.
    I can see Vegas' conflict! Is Vegas stalling because of the injuries?
  2. fitantitans

    fitantitans This space For Rent

    Nothing against the all great and powerful Vince, but he hasn't been all that impressive so far this year. Too many picks. If we start Collins, the offense will be comfortable with him knowing beforehand that he will start, if that's the case. Either way, Collins or Young, this is a Titans win IMO. The defensive line will hold and the secondary will wake up this week. All Collins/Young have to do is give us 13 points.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan FREE WILLY!!!

    Don't rag on me for this but I think we should go with Collins this week. I mean definitley not as a full time starter over Vince I just think we can take the Texans with Kerry and that will give Vince a chance to rest. Kerry was throwing lazers last week and I think he would do just fine against Houstons secondary. I mean this is all if Vince is like questionable or something. If hes OK then nevermind.
  4. desfletcher316

    desfletcher316 Occasional visitor

    Cold natured? Wasn't he brought up in Houston.:irked: They really are having a laugh.
  5. oilerstruck

    oilerstruck Hall of Fame

    Right now, if Collins starts, we will have the largest offensive point production of the season. That doesn't means at all that he should be are starter, but VY should sit this game and heal. With CB out, I think CH will out there to prove himself. Our D will shut the Texans down. With Collins opening things up by putting a few deap balls down feild, LW just might see his first 100+ game.
  6. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Young generated over 300 yards of offense in Houston last year. I agree if he is limited they should go with Collins but it appears they may not know anytime soon.

    Meanwhile, Collins is taking the snaps today in practice.
  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Regardless of whose starting at qb for the Titans I see a Texans win despite their own injury issues. Our team, the offense in particular has some serious issues. Also I'd like to add that if it's time to sit Young it's time to sit LenDale White and Nick Harper. It's time to give Chris Henry another look... and it's time to look at playing another corner at Harper's spot.

    Sorry to say it but the Texans should win out in an otherwise tight game.

    Unless the Titans play like we know they are capable of...
    however.. what have you seen in the last few outings that suggests they will? :hmm:

    If the odds aren't truly even... and they make Houston a slight favorite... don't be looking for the Titans to cover... let alone win.
  8. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    What a dillusional bunch of folks in Vegas..
    Somebody needs to fire up this video to get them back on track..

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  9. Overalls

    Overalls Starter

    Not to invade a thread in the "normal" section of the board but can you really have a poll that says the Texans might win because of the Titans injuries when the Texans have lost 2 starting safties, their starting center and two of their top 4 WRs not to mention a few other back ups. I'm not saying Ya'll don't have some injuries that will effect the Titans ability to play but do you really want to pull out the injury card on us, before the game.

    For the record. If I was a betting man, I wouldn't touch this one.
  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I think the Vince Young injury carries more weight.
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