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    Flynn is not a backup, and Tebow? You said Tebow as in Tim Tebow?

    The question can go unanswered guys, you don't have to try to prove my comments wrong.

    Vince does need to shut up about being a starter, he needs to accept that is reputation has become a joke and to many he's a distraction. He's today's T.O. He can still play but has simply shown his celebrity is bigger than his abilities.

    If he would just realize this he might have a job today.
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    Yep. Not anymore. Because he capitalized when he got the opportunities and didn't have the ego problems. VY runs his mouth, brings attention to himself, and when in, either fails or gets hurt.

    The last thing you want in a backup QB is an attention grabber, and fragile. Worst combination.

    That's why I was surprised about the Jets picking up Tebow. Attention grabber whether he wants it or not. And yes, he's better than VY. They are similar, but Tebow is tougher.

    The only thing VY had to vouch for him as starter was his W/L record. Tebow also has that, isn't a crybaby, and has a nose for the end zone. Would I want Tebow as the Titans starter? Heck no. But I would want VY even less.

    And Tebow has won a playoff game. Against the Steelers, who may have been super bowl contenders if not for them. VY chokes in crunch time. He would never have beaten the Steelers in the playoffs. Not with that defense, or ours.

    Tebow did as much, and more, in one season than that bum did for us in like 4. Tebow also had management who did not want him. Somewhat similar situations. VY kept finding reasons to get himself pulled out. Tebow did not.

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    Tebow is a better football player, I'll give you that, but he's nowhere near the QB Vince has been. Vince has close to 9,000 career passing yards, Tebow will never in his life have close to that.

    I can't believe I'm defending Vince on this, or talking Tebow, F that. I'm going to Costco, I need batteries.
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    Hey try a auto parts store. They usually have blister packs of batteries near the checkouts for a decent price. That and Harbor Freight.
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    www.tennessean.com/article/20120413/SPORTS01/304130096/For-Young-Titans-just-memory?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Sports Tennessee Titans

    Reading that, and according to Vince, there has been interest. He'll likely be a backup (I mean, Tavaris Jackson had a starting role last season), but it sounds like he's holding out for a starting role after the draft.
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    Vince is like that retarded guy on the team that everybody tries to encourage and smile at, but in the end, everybody knows he's still retarded and will never live up to the praise we give him face-to-face...

    REID; "Atta boy Vince, we'd love to keep you on the team, but we gotta cut you because you're just too good to play here.."
    VINCE; "That's OK, that nice Mr. Condon says lot's of teams are calling for me"

    Note to VY; If you're phone doesn't ring, it's the NFL...
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