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Wait I thought....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Alzarius

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    Im more concerned about how much of it was done before it was over and done. 5.8 YPC going into the half..... yea Ill give him credit for that.

    They allowed us to run?? huh???

    If this is going to be the "new thing" for this week, people need to be prepared to back it up because I am about to ask each and every person here who says it to prove it, and they cant. I dont mind being down on CJ, not by any means. However making stuff up just for the heck of it..... I just dont understand it.

    I agree with more games. Just because he had a good game (even before this delusion that it was all after the game was done and over) doesnt mean he is off the hook by a long shot. However he ran well today.
  2. Alzarius

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    CJ doesnt speak English.
  3. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    If I'm a Defensive Coordinator and I'm about to face a team that is horrific at running the football... I'm not selling out to stop it.

    Just like how our Defense allows all the inside stuff - the "dinks and dunks" - why can't a good coordinator let a bad running team have some "gimmes" to keep them doing what doesn't work?

    Allow the bad running so the opposing team doesn't get you with the pass - it worked pretty well.

    I'm simply saying that it can be argued... cannot be denied.
  4. Scarecrow

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    I think it is very fair to question his heart, work ethic, and his overall desire to win a game judging by how shy of contact he was the first three games. I think it is quite legitimate to be honest. I am still not certain if he even wants to be on this team, or in the NFL right now.
  5. GoT

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    :cj: just wanted payed


    full stop

    the end

  6. Alzarius

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    And Ill ask... again.... since no one was able to answer it the first 3 weeks.

    Lack of effort, heart, worth ethic... ect.. ect.. So him running 15 yards to get -1 yards is a lack of effort and a lack of heart, right?

    Explain the reasoning behind that for me. Seems to me he was always "trying to make too much out of little" and "dancing around" and not wanting to settle for 1-2 yards. I just dont understand the logic. If you are not trying, you run, you dont see a hole, you fall down cause its not there. Why would someone who is not trying keep dancing around and trying to make something out of nothing?
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  7. GoT

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    cause they are dumber than a hammer?

    cause they are a 'playmaker'?

    cause they have no clue where the hole was supposed too be anyways?

    I could go on ..
  8. amy

    amy Starter

    Well, it's been four games now. The season is not over by a long shot. Anything can happen. So if it turns out that we do well, will you take your beatdown well? just asking You may not have to of course, but then again, you may. You might want to think about comebacks just in case.
  9. Alzarius

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    I agree, i wouldnt sell out for CJ either. However that would mean they are scared of Locker/Hass?

    Best explanation I have heard out of anyone so far. I dont agree (no DC in their right mind would give up 5.8 YPC in the first half to keep Hass from lighting them up) But at least you make sense.

    See above, at least you have some reasoning even if I dont agree with it.
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  10. xpmar9x

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    Through 4 games:

    Yards: 186
    TDs: 0
    YPC: 3.2
    20+ Runs: 0
    40+ Runs: 0

    '12-'13 Salary: $8M (T-1st for all RBs)