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Warmack on Watt: He’s just another guy

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Sep 16, 2013.


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    They maybe but last few years our guards and center have been awful
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  2. Fry

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    That's not a reason to go in to overkill mode and spend almost $50 million on a left guard and a top-10 pick on a right guard. Especially when the result the next season is an offensive line that is slightly better than the one that started in 2012.
  3. Fry

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    And when I say a Munchak-type career I mean he plays his entire career here. At the very least he needs to be here through his prime and into his descension. None of this playing here for four years and then he's too expensive to retain like Steve Hutchinson and Ben Grubbs.
  4. xpmar9x

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    I still wish we would of cut Griff and draft Vacarro... but oh well
  5. TitansWrath

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    It could very well be that that week 17 game is for the afcs title.

    I'll have to sell whatever it takes to be at that one.
  6. Alzarius

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    Think long term, not 2 games in and everything is decided.
  7. Fry

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    But wasn't that part of the Warmack argument? He immediately upgrades the offensive line from day one? Well that certainly hasn't happened.
  8. Alzarius

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    You dont think that he was an immediate upgrade?

    Granted he has had issues, but he has also gone against JJ (who is one of, if not the best in the business) and one of the most confusing and consistently good defenses in the league. I certainly did not expect him to be amazing vs Houston, and I fully expected him to get beat several times. Just because he is one of the best coming out the past 10-15 years, does not make me think he is an instant pro bowler. He will struggle again as well, but I do believe that this line is better than last years line.

    What I look at, is that this is our 2nd game. Not a single poster predicted we would be 2-0 right now, not a single one in any of the threads (especially the main one, Gut's) when I looked through it last night. (in fact half of them predicted 0-2 start) We were much more competitive against Houston than I expected.

    I was PISSED, my body was radiating heat, and my heartbeat was going 100 MPH during that game. My wife looked at me and said "didnt you think that Houston would kick our ass". I said to her "yes, I did. However this team got my hopes up at being able to beat them so now its even more disappointing"

    THats all it is to me, and the over reaction by most of the fans. I am optimistic, but also realistic, at least in my opinion. I did not expect the game to be close, much less have a chance to actually win it. However once I saw that we could, and almost did, I was more angry than I would have been by a blowout. Houston is a damn good team, regardless of what anyone things, and we hung with them until the end this past Sunday. I look at last years scores, and I can honestly say that although Im pissed we lost, I love how much this team has improved.
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  9. ImATitan

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    Warmack is going to be awesome in this rivalry for years.
  10. Fry

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    Barely. He's been an upgrade over whoever we had starting week 17, that's for sure. How much of an upgrade has he been over Leroy Harris? Marginal.

    Warmack is struggling to get to the second level. I think it was second down on the first TD drive against the Texans. Stewart got Watt on the ground immediately and Warmack couldn't get to the second level to get to Cushing. Cushing makes the tackle for no gain.

    The Battle run against the Steelers where he "pushed" Battle forward for the first down? Got pushed into the backfield at the snap.

    At least he isn't committing penalties.