We have about 5 million in Cap Room

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    We put a 2nd round tenure on Velasco. Unless a team trades us a 2nd for Velasco, he could play the 2013 season for $2.023 million and he'd be a FA after that.
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    He gave my family 10,000 to help get us out of a crisis we were in!
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    That makes him a great guy, not a great quarterback.
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    Kind of like Locker?
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    He's like an apple fanboi.
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    Not unless Locker gave your family 10k...and after this post I am done with discussing VY. I can not be baited in to discussing this non- Titan any more today.
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    Be TitansWillWin2
    Loves VY at UTjr, thinks he is god
    Titans draft VY at #3, TWW2 creams
    Immediately buys everything VY
    Creates a VY shrine in his mom's basement
    Watches VY win ROTY, cream turns to butter, socks ruined
    TWW2 spends long hours in the basement embracing his VY fathead
    Parents get uncomfortable, begin to worry
    TWW2 loses all of his friends, doesn't care, VY is still there
    Dad cracks jokes, calls VY a *****
    TWW2 grows distant, retreats from his family to his basement shrine
    One September afternoon in 2008, TWW2 hears the news
    VY is suicidal, he is missing, police scouring city
    TWW2 collapses, grief is too much
    TWW2 searches for hours, no VY
    He retreats back to his VY bunker crushed
    Hours pass, no sign of VY
    Between the anguished moans and the bitter tears, TWW2 hears a soft knocking at the basement door
    "go away, leave me alone!" TWW2 shouts
    The basement door opens as a cold wind sweeps through the basement blowing out all the candles
    TWW2 lies face down on his VY fathead
    He feels a warm breath across his neck, TWW2 lifts his head and is overcome by what he sees
    There stands VY in his full glory, "are you ready?" VY asks.
    TTW2 is too shocked to speak, "wha... wha... what do you mean?"
    VY grabs TWW2 by the hand, VY launches through the roof and out of the house flying high into the sky
    TWW2's parents scream in horror as VY sores through the sky with their son
    VY embraces TWW2 and holds him close as they rise above the clouds
    TWW2 looks down and sees all of downtown Nashville and LP Field
    Jeff Fisher is on the 50 yard line with the man in the raccoon costume waving and smiling as TWW2 and VY fly by
    TWW2 feels true joy for the first time in his life, tears roll down his cheek
    VY wipes away tears, "there will be no more pain, no more suffering" he tells TWW2
    VY and TWW2 come to rest on top of the batman building,
    VY pulls TWW2 closer, TWW2 looks deep into VY's semi-tard eyes
    TWW2 is overcome with emotion, VY's lips move closer to his own
    It happens.
    The kiss.
    TWW2 cries out in pleasure. His life is complete, he could die right now.
    VY whispers into TWW2's ear, "do you want to see #10?"
    "yes!!!" screams TWW2, "yes!!!!!!!!!"

    TWW2 wakes up in a cold sweat, he is in his bed.
    A voice echoes through his head, "VY is love, VY is life"
    Was it a dream TWW2 wonders, it doesn't matter. He knows the truth now
    He sprints to his computer, he will show JC Brave, Alex and the rest of the jerks on goTitans.com
    VY is love, VY is life
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    only in his dreams


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    You left out the part where he brings us back from 0-6 start
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