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What is your reasoning for not playing fantasy football

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by World Peace, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    I'm not like that at all. I want my players to suck when the Titans play against them.
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  2. World Peace

    World Peace Season Tickets in the Red Seats

    Its skill and luck... In my league.. the past 2 years i played, the last seed in thr tourney won the whole thing. There is also a skill in getting players who are good at the end of the season as opposed to players who are good in the first few weeks and easily get gameplanned
  3. Titan43

    Titan43 Pro Bowler

    I like to play when it is against people I know. I have done the NFL.com league with random people and it was really boring, but when I do it against friends it is much more fun. Mainly just playing for bragging rights.

    I agree with others that it does make the other games more entertaining. I was lucky enough to have Brees on my team last year, so I actually paid attention to him all year long and he ended up breaking the record, that was cool.

    Me too. I actually have a couple rules for myself when I play fantasy FB.

    #1. Under no circumstances will I draft a player who plays in the AFCS (unless it is a Titan) - I have passed up Manning in his prime bc I would rather watch him and hope he sucks than ever have him help my fantasy team.

    #2. If I have a player that is playing against the Titans that week, then they are on the bench. I don't care what player it is, or how well they match up against the Titans.

    Some times these rules keep me from winning, but I don't really care.
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  4. Titan43

    Titan43 Pro Bowler

    I usually do 2 teams in 2 different leagues as well. After about halfway through the season I just go with the team that is winning.

    Then in the league I am losing in, I will trade all of my best players to whoever is in last place for some random crappy people on thier team. Like one year I traded Brady and CJ for a Kicker

    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    I've had some rough starts in fantasy football. Like for the past 2 season we've had some bad storms up in my area which caused us to lose power the night of my drafts, so back to back years I missed our live draft. I ended up with an ok team, but not a team I wanted. I started out 0-4 and hated how things looked, but I stuck with that team, and ended up missing the championship by 1 game.

    The 2nd team I had those same 2 years weren't as dramatic, but did take me to the championship only to lose.

    I always lose when I make it to the championship.

    I guess some could call me the LeBron James of fantasy football LOL.
  6. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    My first year in FF was 2004....I won the league, winning the league championship with Patrick Ramsey at QB lol....

    Since then I have been pretty mediocre....a few playoff seasons, mostly .500. I do it for the draft (live draft, brats, beer and lots of trash talk), and to keep up with other teams/players besides the Titans.

    That said, it really cracks me up to go to draft night and see folks pounding away on their laptops, researching and scheming. I usually wait until about a week before the draft, buy a fantasy FB magazine, and take it to the draft (may help explain my mediocrity I guess).
  7. World Peace

    World Peace Season Tickets in the Red Seats

    Anyone interested in a $5,000 schrute bucks league?
  8. LUVYA2toneBLUE

    LUVYA2toneBLUE Camp Fodder

    I played for a few years but about 3 seasons ago, i made the crazy decision to play in 4 different leagues and it absolutely drove me insane. I haven't played since!

    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    Cant have that many teams. Id go nuts trying to manage all that too

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  10. Fry

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    What's the cash value of a Schrute Buck?