With the #10 Pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select... Lane Johnson, OT/Oklahoma

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JiminyBillyBob, Apr 2, 2013.

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    What makes you so sure?
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    None of them are a significant upgrade over what we already have as our starters. If the FO would believe we need a new starting CB, they would have adressed the position in FA.
    I agree that we need more depth at the position, but you don't draft for depth in Rd. 1.
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    I don't mind your opinion on the matter, but when you said it makes more sense you totally lost me. No way does it make more sense to move our pro bowl tackle to guard instead of drafting someone who already plays guard.
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    In the long run, who is more valuable? A good Guard or a good LT? Stewart and Roos are not getting younger. This way we would have a short term fix at RG and a future replacement for Stewart or Roos. I am not saying this is ideal, but it makes more sense than drafting a Guard at #10.
    I would prefer Warford in Rd #2 over Warmack Rd #1.
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    I've been thinking this same thing lately. Our coaching staff, Munch and Matthews especially pride themselves on being able to coach offensive linemen. So, to them, taking a guy who can be a solid lineman for you for over 10 years, at one of the most important positions in football makes sense.

    However, I do think if they were to go with Johnson, they would play him at guard until Roos or Stewart went down or was no longer with the team. Then move Johnson to tackle after that.

    I heard one of the draft guys on ESPN say that Johnson was the most athletic lineman in the draft. So maybe the transition to guard for a few years wouldn't be a big deal. Plus, I still think they take another lineman in the 3rd or 4th, someone like Schwenke or Winters that they can coach up to be the guard when Johnson moves to tackle.
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    Because he proved last season that he sucks at tackle now...he had more penalties than anyone on our line and the reason being that he just is way too slow...he knew if he didn't go early he would get beat. . moVing him to guard would be great imo...he's strong enough to deal w them fatties in the middle, yet too slow to continue getting beat around the edge...

    I've been on the "move stewart RG" bandwagon for a while now...the only thing giving me some hope is that, yes he did play by a crappu line all season, and maybe he'll return to form next to some decent guys. I doubt it though. ..
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    I can think of atleast 3 that are better than what we have actually. ..and they allow us to move verner to nickel...milliner rhodes and trufant are all going to be better than our starters one day.
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    Did you watch the games last season? If so and you still think Stewart has 2-3 years left at RT then you're smoking something. Am I the only one who noticed how atrocious he was last season?
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    Do you remember who was playing RG next to him? Me either....
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    Like stated in my previous post... that's the only hope you all are hanging on to...he played bad because the guy beside him was bad... what I saw had nothing do do with the guy beside him...all I saw was him getting beat play after play and committing penalty after penalty trying not to get beat...

    He's too slow to play RT in the nfl any more... doesn't matter who is beside him. ..he'll still get beat to the outside... watch