With the 45th Pick of the 2016 Draft: Alabama RB Derrick Henry

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Seems about right.
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    Whatever you say. You're obviously the smartest guy in the FORUM. Btw... just so you know bodybuilders compete between 3 and 5 percent body fat... most rb's and wr's compete between 6 and 9 percent (notice I said MOST not all), Henry is quite a bit leaner than those... as I said EVERY human being is different or have you failed to recognize Hunters inability to maintain weight? I'm basing my thought off of what Henry's coaches at Bama said, end of argument.
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    Obviously no expert, but from what I have read it is very rare for such a big running back like Henry to have such low body fat, unlike a Walter Peyton type guy.
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    Most knowledgable one debating this on fitness, not smartest. Bodybuilders stay at 3 percent for 24 hours lol. I'm basing my thought off the fact that 3 percent means all you have essential fats for organs.
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    Wrong....as I said wrong.
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    I am superior to you in this area....I actually do something.
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    Like I said, if YOU say so, I'm gonna go off of what someone who actually has knowledge of the situation says. There is a reason they had to work with him on his diet skippy, it sure ain't cause he was fat. AGAIN you obviously don't understand that each human being is different, some are skinny... some are fat... some are lean... some are muscular, some are fast, some are slow, some are athletic some aren't, some are intelligent, some aren't... this argument is over. If you can't understand something that simple it's useless to break words.
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    I was not big at all on taking henry. Alabama players have the luxury of playing with star studded rosters, that can just outmatch opponents with talent alone. But, I've been impressed with this dude so far. He looks like a legit rb, with most of the tools. Im still not sure about him being a one man show, but he looks like he'll be great in a 2 back system.
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    Backtracking a bit- It's amazing what you people will get so offended about.

    I say he looks better than expected (performance wise), but is running like a scat-back (he is- but this is nothing new- he's never been a power back- despite his size).

    Then I say he physically looks lean and small- not huge. And people are like "WAHHAAAAAT?!" and lose their minds. Just saying he doesn't look that big out there in pads... calm down, ladies.

    lmao @ 3% bodyfat... c'mon dude.


    ^That's not someone with even close to 3% body fat. He'd be crazy defined. (3% isn't healthy, by the way and takes dehydration)

    He's not very cut.

    But he does look very lean. Which I think is good since he won't be a power-back. He may be more change-of-pace than expected.
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    tend to agree, BUT I saw him in warmups and he towers over the other RBs. Compared to them he is in fact noticeably larger
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