WTF - A running back?!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by thnom, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Nash

    Nash Starter

    Some team, not sure which, inquired about Brown after White was taken...could there be a trade in the works..if Bell were offered for Brown i'd jump on that in a heartbeat...
  2. wplatham

    wplatham U of M Class of 2012

    I wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I really like Tatum Bell (or Taco Bell or Tater Bell, whatever you wanna call him), but the point of getting rid of Brown is that we have to many RBs taking up roster spots and $$$$$. Once LenDale takes over as the number 1 guy (by Week 5), there won't be enough carries to go around. Nash and Payton will likely be on the practice squad. I think if he has a good camp, Ganther will stay on the roster as our third down guy. Even then, I think we'll have problems with Henry, Brown, and White on the roster.

    My worst fear is that sharing with Henry and Brown will hold White back. I'm convinced White has the ability to be a top back in this league, but he's got to get enough carries to do that. On top of that, Henry isn't going to like being the number 3 guy. He forced his way out of Buffalo because he was the number 2.

    I think if we have to choose between Brown and Henry, we should keep Brown. His running style better compliments White's. And if he gets enough carries, LenDale White will be the Rookie of the Year. You heard it here first :) .
  3. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    All right. Let me go over this one more time. Money has next to no factor with our RB situation. Travis Henry is playing for the vet minimum. Chris Brown is finishing out his rookie contract and Lendale White will be playing in the first year of a rookie contract.

    Roster spots you can argue, but money.... no.
  4. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I'd actually like to see how Brown would run in the Denver system. And I'd actually like to see a serious homerun back like Tater in our backfield occasionally.....and it'll never happen :lol:
  5. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    Chris Brown would be perfect for that Denver system, he likes to fine his own holes. In that zone blocking scheme that is exactly what the RB does.
  6. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    plus Chris Brown is from the Denver area.
  7. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    oh yeah, and guess who is the offensive coordinator in Denver
  8. Not gonna happen...
  9. Slipjack

    Slipjack Guest

    No he isn't. He played at Colorado but he is from the Chicago area.
  10. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder


    yeah, my fault
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