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    Finished Coyote by Allen Steele.

    Coyote is the first of a series of Hard SciFi novels about interstellar exploration. There are no Star Trek magic devices that save the day. Everything is a reasonable extrapolation of current science.

    Steele introduces you to the cast and then Bang! the story is on. There are some slow spots, but these are the spots I enjoyed the most as this is where Steele introduces you to the environment he places the characters in and gives the minutia that makes this book such a fun read.

    Coyote is Hard SciFi but Steele don't let that get in the way of telling a story.

    This novel was originally published as short stories in such magazines as Analog. Sometimes that part is apparent. The follow on novels do not carry this baggage
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    Requiem For The Conqueror - Forbidden Borders #1 is 35 chapters and 622 pages of pure Space Opera magic.

    I would not normally read a SciFi after a SciFi but I had taken my daughter to McKay and I could not bring myself to purchase anything because I had not read the stuff I bought last time. So Space Opera it was.

    To say this is a large book is an understatement. But it was a total page turner. The people inside the forbidden borders (FB) have been manipulated by the Star Butcher and there are only 4 powers left. Rega and Sassa are traditional empires and control all of space inside the FB except some rocks stuck in a corner that the Star Butcher and his mercenary Companions call home. The Seddi are the 4th power and they are a religious order that prefer to work behind the scenes.

    The story is multi layered and complex, but hey Gear has 622 pages to tell the first part of the trilogy - lol The people are humans and they have been placed inside the FB by an unknown power long ago. There are Seddi rumors of Earth as the place that all their food and livestock originated from, but nobody believes that religious crap. Early on we meet Sinklar Fist and Staffa Kar Therma, the Star Butcher, and other important characters. Then the Space Opera is on and it is a hell of a ride. Plot twists and surprises keep comming till page 622.

    Looking forward to the next 2 installments, but will force myself to read something not SciFi

    One thing I have to mention is that W. Michael Gear has a praticular gift of using names that are clearly 'alien' but still not silly. Just ask George Lucas how difficult that is.

    This book would make an awsome movie.
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    Currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

    Actually finished Slaughterhouse Five for the first time about a month ago.
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    I'm jealous i do not have the attention span to read a book lol literally i.think the last book i read was in like fourth grade. And no its not that its hard or anything lol i know those jokes are coming. I literally read at college levels in second grade. ***** jus too boring
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    Big Vonnegut fan.

    Been wanting to check out American Gods for awhile now. Only reason I haven't is because I sometimes tend to lose interest in fiction books that are that long. I know I miss a lot of good stuff that way. But IDK, if a fiction book is much over 400 pages it's tough for me to stick with it. I need to have a lot of free time on my hands to tackle something like that.
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    I go through phases. Like I might not read one page of a book for 3 months then I might read a bunch of books back-to-back. I prefer nonfiction though. Easier to stick with it when you feel like you're actually learning something.
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    I loved Slaughterhouse Five in like 5th grade... Good stuff lol.

    j/k Vonnegut was the man.

    American Gods should be a considered an American classic. I'll read anything Neil Gaiman writes. His short stories are amazing.

    He is working on a sequel and apparently it is about to be made into a series on cable.

    If you liked it, read Anasi Boys and Fragile Things.
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    Lol in 5th grade I had no clue what a book was. No I do remember reading the Chronicles of Narnia in class.

    But so far the book is pretty good. I've been stuck on chapter 4 for a couple weeks. Lol
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    Any decent non-fiction I'm missing out on? I have enough time to squeeze in something before football season.
  10. CRUDS

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    I could copy these for hours.. Here's some recommendations..

    I like American Indian accounts.. The Land of The Midnight Sun should be read by all Americans:

    Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: indians

    Mara Leveritt's Devil's Knot is outstanding (the movie sucked don't bother) detail on WM3's knot

    John Douglas (former FBI special agent) who has some great insight on most famous US murders /serial killers etc. douglas books

    Ann Rule, former friend of Ted Bundy with other insight in same topics: rule books

    The Jay Dobyns ATF Hells Angels infiltration story is excellent: