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Your 53-man roster

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. smileyforall

    smileyforall Da Blue Mamba

    I don't see ramsey making the final roster, unless he shows alot more. He played 3rd string guys and failed to get points while playing for roughly 2 quarters.
  2. From-the-stands

    From-the-stands Starter


    No points, but he played well. You're not going to score when your line keeps getting flagged for holding penalties and you face 3rd and 18 series after series. Nevertheless, the staff probably keeps score a little differently than you or I.
  3. smileyforall

    smileyforall Da Blue Mamba

    Oh come on, only he has bad line play and starts out at 3rd and 18? Collins had third downs alot and the running game was stuffed. Vince started in his own endzone most of the time and had C. Henry running the ball terribly giving him 3rd downs too. The pass blocking for the second stingers was terrible as well.
  4. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Anyone know when the cut dates are?
  5. QB: (3) Collins, Young, Ramsay
    RB: (3) Johnson, White, Ringer
    FB: (1) Hall
    TE: (4) Scaife, Crumpler, Cook, Stevens
    WR: (5) Gage, Washington, Britt, Davis, Hawkins
    OL: (8) Roos, Stewart, Amano, Scott, Mawae, Harris, Kroppog, Durand
    DE: (5) KVB, Kearse, Hayes, Ford, Ball
    DT: (5) Brown, Haye, Jones, Vickerson, Marks
    LB: (6) Bulluck, Thornton, Tulloch, Fowler, Keglar, McGrath
    CB: (6) Harper, Finnegan, Faggins, Mouton, McCourty, Williams
    S: (4) Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Nickey
    P/K: (2) Hentrich, Bironas
    LS: (1) Amato
  6. From-the-stands

    From-the-stands Starter

    Uh, yeah, penalties by 2nd and 3rd string linemen ruined any reasonable chance Ramsey had at putting a scoring drive together.

    In Ramsey's first series they had a holding penalty which left the Titans with 3rd and 17

    2nd series: 2 holding penalties: 3rd and 24

    3rd series: 2 holding penalties: 3rd and 19

    In Ramsey's 4th and 5th series they were running out the clock and he attempted no passes.

    Were you even watching the game?
  7. KingTitan

    KingTitan aka CRONUS

    HOLDING penalties = lack of strength and improper positioning by the OL. They were a sieve all night. Sure a decent passing game would help with this, but I think we need to shore the OL up more than the DL. We have dome decent depth on D. Maybe the OL was just taking it easy like CJ. :wink2:
  8. From-the-stands

    From-the-stands Starter

    Our starting O Line wasn't on the field in the 2nd half when the penalties were a problem. :rolleyes:
  9. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb Roll Tide!

    I have to say, some of those holding calls, like Cooks, was complete bs. He kinda hooked his arm but he had the positioning, did not grab, did not extend. It was incredibly ticky tack.
  10. eTitan81

    eTitan81 Touchdown Titans

    September 1st: Roster cutdown to 75 players

    September 5th: Roster cut down to 53 players
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