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    I'm not following your logic. You think he'll be a BIG help to our pass D because SOME of our passing yards/tds were against our MLB vs the vast majority of yards/completions/qb rating against and points which came against the secondary?

    And it's not like he's Revis at LB. He's surrounded by NFL players at Bama so it's not like he needs to cover for long. If you want to 'fix' our pass defense, you take a secondary player or really improve the pass rush. Foster does neither! That's not to say he's not an impact player, just doesn't help our biggest problems on the team!
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    Since you like Engram, why not top 18 for him? Lattimore drops 9 spots for hammy issues over a year ago but Ross is ok with 2 knee surgeries?

    Humphrey, McCaffrey, and Wilson??? Say it ain't so!!!
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    It means he is the last of the players listed I would be happy with at 18. I would prefer the ones listed above to fall.

    I figure with QB ol rb picks, three or four of them should be available.

    I want ross at that pick.
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    Exactly my thoughts. People like the idea of McCaffrey but don't consider what he'd actually be on our team. At best he's a slot receiver/returner. At worst he's a 3rd RB and return guy.

    That's a guy you take on day 3, not 1st round.
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    Look, I absolutely love Lattimore's skillset and like I said, without the hammy concerns, he's top 3 on my list; however, the guy has had hamstring issues both in high school and during all 3 years of college. The one thing I've learned in many years of following the game is that players who are oft-injured throughout their high school and college careers tend to be injured throughout their pro careers as well.

    That may very well be the case with Ross as well, who knows, only time will tell (although I'm not sure if Ross was injured in high school). However, lots of players come back from knee surgeries and have great careers and the guy just broke the record in the 40, so he looks to be fully recovered...and yes, I realize Lattimore ran in the 4.3s, which leads me to my next point.

    That is this! I saw an NFL draft documentary featuring Lattimore and honestly, (as a parent myself) his parents' continuous concern regarding his hamstrings told me all I need to know about how serious those concerns are! I love his talent and he seems like a great kid, but I'm just worried he may be nursing those hammies throughout his pro career. I hope I'm wrong!

    In regards to Engram, I wouldn't me mad if we took him with the #18, but feel he can be had much lower, so I'd prefer we trade back and take him rather than at #18.

    Finally, I watch a ton (possibly even an unhealthy amount) of football and I don't always agree with a lot of the prospect rankings of players. I've even thought about starting my own scouting type website. But, as I'm sure you know, the draft is often a game of properly utilizing your picks and picking players not just on talent alone, but where you feel you can get certain players at certain positions, in certain places throughout the whole draft. I tried to consider this when ranking my players.

    Also, not sure why you're upset with Humphrey. The kid needs some work in a couple of areas (particularly with his feet and double-moves), but those areas are correctable. He's a stud for the most part.

    These are just some of his career highlights:

    - Was a five-star recruit coming out of high school
    - Was the number 1 CB recruit in the country
    - Was Birmingham's 2013 track athlete of the year winning seven different events in the state championships
    - Starred on Alabama's track team as a freshman, setting a new school record.
    - As a freshman starter intercepted Dak Prescott and stifled Connor Cook en route to all-conference SEC and freshman all-American status.
    - Competed against (and often dominated) some of the best receivers in college football as a two-year starter. (at Bama - the number one recruiting school in the country)

    What is it you don't like about him?

    Wilson is also one of the better CBs in this draft. He has great instincts, his technique is pretty sound and both of those make up for his few physical limitations. He's terrific at jamming receivers, he's cocky, confident and has zero fear about taking on the opposing team's number 1 WR. He's not afraid to make the tackle although he could use some coaching to improve in this area. He has fantastic size and length. He arguably had the better year over Tabor this past season.

    His footwork needs improvement but once again that's coachable.

    Overall, he excels in the areas you can't coach and needs work in the areas you can coach. I'm not sure what you don't like about him either?

    With McCaffrey, I can understand your hesitations. However, as I said in another thread, Murray has had a lot of carries so far in his career; there is a ton of mileage on those tires! I'd be shocked if he retains his value past this season and I wouldn't be completely surprised if he doesn't play a full schedule this upcoming season. Henry is not an elusive back and McCaffrey is a fantastic weapon that often single-handedly won games or at least kept Stanford in them. He's awesome in the slot, which is crucial in the Titans offensive scheme. Granted talent can be had lower in the draft, but as I said before, that talent isn't near McCaffrey's level.

    Having said all that, the McCaffrey thing is most likely a moot point anyhow, as I doubt he'll even be there when the Titans pick at #18.

    All of this is just my 2 cents worth and as they say opinions are like ***holes, so you don't have to agree; however, I'd be curious to hear what it is that you don't like about those players, particularly the CBs.
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    The directions are pretty clear - everyone else understood it. The highest player on your board left when we pick at #5 is the pick. Not that hard.
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    Would you guys rather us draft Davis/Williams/Ross or Howard?
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    Dude didn't allow a single receiving TD in his entire college career. TE's have been killing us for years. Our inability to cover TEs led to freaking Jack Doyle catching a game winning TD against us. There's an extra win right there we would have last year if we could just cover TEs. And it was the difference in us making the playoffs.

    You think like a majority of fans do - draft to fix your biggest need. We drafted Jake Locker because we needed a QB and passed on JJ Watt. How'd that work for us? You take the player that would make the biggest impact, and you said it yourself Foster is an impact player.

    Just because we need a CB and it's our biggest need doesn't mean you just go out and draft your favorite CB with your first pick. There's not one in the draft I'd take in the top 10. There's definitely no Jalen Ramsey.
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    My issue with Wilson is taking him in the first. I think he's more of a day 2 guy. But saying a CB is a 2nd round pick is not a slight on the player: it means he's really good, but just not necessarily elite. I like Wilson a lot more than Tabor. He's bigger, good enough speed and would profile as a solid compliment to the other side opposite Ryan. I just don't like him enough to have him in my top 20 prospects.

    Tabor's 40 time may mean he has to transition to a safety. Nobody wants a CB who runs a 4.6+ 40. But he does have pretty good instincts, so he may find a way to play another position in the NFL.
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    Thanks for the reply. I love a good discussion/debate:)

    Lattimore IMO should be a top 10 pick (probably between 8-13) in a normal draft. But because there aren't two franchise qb's and no franchise LT's to be found in the top 5, other players will get pushed up. I'm a fan of Lattimore but he isn't Revis yet. And the Hammy's are a concern. But every player - especially in this draft - has concerns.

    Engram is a first round talent on my board. He may not be the run blocker you want him to be yet, but he is gonna be a nightmare to cover.

    You SHOULD put up a scouting website if you're passionate about it and watch way too much football like me and a couple of others!

    Regarding Humphrey, I think he definitely gets a boost from being on the best D in college football. You might notice he ALWAYS has S help cuz Bama gets great pressure just rushing 4. So CB's can be more aggressive and he doesn't have to cover for long with that rush. This is probably part of the Bama curse on cb's in recent years. But more specifically - besides what you mentioned - he has trouble simply finding the ball downfield. How often do we see a CB in position but not look back for the ball. McCourty had a bit of this issue himself. It's a pet peeve of mine and frequently not correctable. I wouldn't take a cb in round 1 who gets beat downfield because he doesn't look for the ball. Humphrey's high yards per catch given up is a good indication of this. There are definitely things to like about Humphrey, but I don't like his deficiencies in round 1. Too many cb's never fix this problem.

    Wilson is a bit of an enigma. He has a lot of the traits you look for. Big, long, strong hands and knows how to jam and is athletic. For me, the problem is heart. He's 6-1" and 211lbs. On some teams that's LB size and yet wr's easily block him out of run plays and his effort is mostly poor. If that wasn't bad enough, he doesn't have the desire to find to maintain force contain. I think it was the Bama game where they actually ran at him rather than the slender Tabor (who's also a weak run support player) and blocked him inside a few times for huge runs. If you don't show up against even stay outside which is his responsibility...I'll pass. You don't get on a college field without understanding this as a cb and to give it up shows a lack of heart to me. You will see the occasional highlight reel of him blowing someone up, but they are few and far between and his run D effort is simply unacceptable. WR's in the NFL will only be bigger and stronger and more athletic than his college competition. That's why I wouldn't take him til round 2 or 3. Reminds me of Trumaine Johnson. Can be really good one week but at other times leaves you scratching your head.

    McCaffrey just wouldn't get enough playing time in this offense. If I was coaching the team, he would. But DMC was never utilized properly and neither was our first round slot wr who just walked. Mularkey is in love with 2-3 te sets. To another the Pats...McCaffrey would be an absolute nightmare. But not for us. Goes back to what you were saying about how different teams value different players.