Zaviar Gooden Likely Done

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    I've never been a fan, so really don't care, just posting this for the moolah :cool:
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    Everyone thought it was a bad/weird pick at the time, and that's been confirmed. What a giant waste of a 3rd round pick. Hopefully Brown/Williamson stay healthy, I like that combo at ILB, and Woodyard is a good backup. Need to find a solid 4th option now. Anyways, whoever they pick up will probably be better than Gooden. Huge misfire as a 3rd round pick.
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    What I find humorous is that Williamson and Brown are looked at like so far above guys like Gooden, who was a bad pick. Besides Morgan and Orakpo, I don't know if any of our LBs are starters in any real defense, a team with a top 10 D. The difference between Avery Williamson and Orakpo is a lot bigger than the difference between Williamson and Gooden.

    If Brown goes down again this season with any significant injury we will be saying the same thing about him this time next year. rinse wash repeat.
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    Another pick wasted that could have helped the Oline. It's getting to the point that I would be ok using every pick in the draft on the Oline until they get this **** right. Would probably still fudge it up.
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