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a retrospective: Your best and worst movies of 2013.

Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by nickmsmith, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan Superhero Squad Tip Jar Donor

    Yeah, it seems most of the "blockbusters" turned out to be mediocre. I was pretty "meh" on Man of Steel, Wolverine, and Iron Man 3. Haven't seen Thor 2 yet, but I loved the first one. Haven't seen Hobbit 2 yet, but I wasn't too crazy about the first one.

    Star Trek, Conjuring, This is the End, and We're the Millers are the only movies I've seen this year that I have any plans on rewatching down the road.
  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow! Tip Jar Donor

    She can't act for ****, has a weird-shaped head, and is not as attractive as everyone makes her out to be. I just don't get why everyone goes ape**** for her. Reddit has become a Jennifer Lawrence shrine and I just don't understand.

    It's ok though, she'll be forgotten just like Zoey Dechanel and Emma Stone.
  3. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.


    She and Emma Stone are cute, in the way that if your friend was dating them, you would think they are cute. They are not world-class.. or really even city-class beauties at all.

    I never found Emma Stone special at all.. in any way. Jennifer Lawrence has a bit of charm because she's down to earth, but she really isn't all that great in any area.
  4. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Regarding the OP, I liked This is the End... but I have a stupid sense of humor like that.

    Out of the Furnance, Prisoners, & Thor: The Dark World
    I also think that American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Lone Survivor could end up being some of my favorites.

    Hated: The World's End
  5. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    That's mine too... I love The Shaun of the Dead, but The World's End was just awful.
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  6. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO Twit @TennessyXO

    I got bored and left the theater.

    Wasn't funny.
  7. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    the conjuring!!!
    forgot bout that
    and surprise surprise brit comedy movie sucks haha
  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    The Conjuring was the first horror movie to ever scare me... Watched it by myself at 1am with all the lights out the other night.

    I do not understand this Jennifer Lawrence hate. I love her.

    So movies I still need to see:

    Captain Phillips
    American Hustle
    Out of the Furnace
    Fruitvale Station
    Dallas Buyers Club
    Anchorman 2 (even though I'm afraid it will suck)
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Saw it last night. It was OK, I like the first one better personally. Had funny parts, but didn't really get into a flow. Lots of corny jokes and quick punch lines. I still liked it, but wasn't as happy as i'd thought I'd be.
  10. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    Why no Django Unchained love? Elysium, Flight, and The Great Gatsby were all really good too. This Is The End definitely is the stoner flick of the year.

    I didn't see Captain Phillips yet but I'm sure that one was a great too. World War Z was ok but not as good as I Am Legend.

    Sprink Breakers was awesomely bad but GD if those chicks weren't bonerific.