Alan Lowry..... Fired

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fonzerrillii23, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Marc Mariani oh wait
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    Its not so much that losing Lowry was the line in the sand.......

    It is the rumor flying around that the guy replacing him is one of Munch's buddies from back in the day. You know, the kind of **** that got us in this position in the first place.
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    Carpy... Late response... but you are an idiot.
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    Reynaud was only marginally worse as a RB than he was as a returner. He averaged 2.1ypc and caught 5 passes all season. We could have replaced that production by putting Bironas in as our #3 RB.

    Look, I don't know what culpabaility Reynaud should accept and what culpability Lowry should accept, but the notion that Lowry is untouchable amazes me.

    I have no idea who will replace him. Wyatt has speculated, but he has been wrong more often than he has been right, so I'll reserve judgement until we see Munchak finalise all his moves. He implied on the radio this week that most coaching jobs will be sorted around the time of the Senior Bowl.
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    You know what happens when you hire your pals? No one takes **** seriously and things go south real quick. It's no different in professional sports. If this is what Munch is pulling then Bud needs to hand the team off to someone else that won't tolerate that bs.
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    Responses in black.

    Not attacking you Carpy, I think you are a great poster before this topic *might* get heated.
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    This is turning into a freaking joke. Lets fire everyone but the 2 clowns responsible for 95% of our mess.
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    No problem mate.

    Personally, I have been hoping Lowry would get fired for many years now.

    Despite a couple of good games this season, I am not surprised that Munchak let him go the first chance he got.
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    To say that Wyatt has been wrong more than he has been right is not at all accurate. He speculated that Hass would be the starter this season, that he got wrong. But as far as real news is concerned (coaching hires, player signings), he is rarely, if ever, wrong. He said Munch would be the guy the day of Fisher's firing. I don't usually agree with his opinions, but as far as news is concerned, there is no one better. But I understand that he said Chet was likely to be the guy, not that he was the guy. So it's not a done deal yet. But he knows what he's talking about.
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    Ok time to end the Reynaud stupidity.
    He is tied with the Second longest kick return in the league and tied with the forth longest punt return. Oh and how about he is tied with Jacoby Jones with the most special team TDs this season. I agree his Kick return average is low... but lets be real... If your team is down by 20 points most games, you would take chances too.

    Oh and Look at the top 3 on punt return average in the LEAGUE..
    1 Leodis McKelvin, CB BUF 18 510 28.3 59 0 23 431 18.7 88 2 14
    2 Dwayne Harris, WR DAL 11 210 19.1 29 0 22 354 16.1 78 1 11
    3 Darius Reynaud, RB TEN 53 1240 23.4 105 1 31 410 13.2 81 2
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