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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Nov 5, 2013.

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    I'd rather have Ja'Wuan James if we can get a third; I think he has better technique then Richardson does and will have a long career as a ROT in this league.
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    I have to agree with you here. OLB is not a major need compared to others. Though I would say rounds 1-3 ;) instead of 1-4. We still could use some depth there.

    I do agree with what RollT has said about both Ayers and Barr. But too many other needs. We badly need an OT. Probably two. One at RT right away and one for LT very shortly. The situation is not unlike the year Stewart and Roos were drafted.

    Furthermore, depending on what happens in FA we could need new starters at DE, SS and CB.
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    I said 4 because we don't have a 3
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    You can get a good RT prospect in the middle rounds. Stingley was supposed to be our talented long term prospect at OT but if he can't beat out Otto for the RT backup spot he must not be coming along.

    I'l never understand the concept of LT and RT. So it is ok to have a RT who can't pass block or a LT who can't run block? Why not try and have 2 guys who do both reasonably well? I also think it means less when you have a QB who moves well.
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    If we drafted Richardson and James 1 and 2 it would be fine with me.

    I want us to be elite up front on both sides of the ball.
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    One area we have covered is DT. Casey is a pro bowl type player, we signed Hill for good money and he looks good when healthy. Martin is a solid #3 and Klug a good situation pass rusher and that doesn't even include Johnson who could be brought back for another year.

    A solid fairly young unit. What we need is elite edge players at DE and OLB and Barr is an elite athlete who helps us in many ways.
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    People say we don't have a need at OLB but Ayers is mediocre at best and has one year left in his contract so how is that different than OT?We could use an upgrade there.

    Breslin out of USC is an interesting guy. Coming off an injury he is a good pass rusher who could stand up and play some OLB.

    I have been very impressed with Sam of Missouri a very athletic DE for them who could have some versatility.

    Both Sam and Breslin are the same size as Ayers. Similar athleticism.
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    Akeem Ayers is having a down year this year but he was decent as a rookie and very good last season. I don't know why he is regressing a little bit this season, maybe it is the high ankle sprain that he suffered in preseason, but he is still young that has a lot of upside.

    I do agree however that we need to start looking for a defensive end in the draft as we are missing a stud pass rusher to go along with our talented front seven. If we could land a guy like Trent Murphy I think it would do wonders for our defense.
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    Good call this is the guy I want in my early projections. This team biggest need is a play maker that can get to the QB.
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    Did everyone forget about this guy?