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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. TNThunder

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    When are you going to catch on? It does no good to pay Drew $30M when you can't get the ball to him. Please name ONE play last year where Vince threw a deep pass and hit the receiver IN STRIDE for a TD. Thanks.
  2. Gunny

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    Oh I have caught on, in the NFL world of overpriced players for mediocre talent, Tennessee knows how to play the game.

    Still can't answer why Tennessee didn't bother to try and keep him can you? I mean if he is as good as you say he would be well worth the 30m wouldn't he?

    Of course don't let facts get in the way of pigheadedness. I am still waiting for some hard evidence that Drew is the all world WR worthy of the hard on you get from seeing him drop simple balls.
    And no pathetic excuses like non-perfect throws and not high enough are just weak and show you have no real reason why he can't catch them.
    He can't even catch a simple 10 yard hook (Giants) game, still waiting for your excuse why he dropped that.

    Simple fact is no QB will ever throw perfect balls 100% of the time, a good WR will adjust and balls hits the hands they should catch it. Drew clearly hasn't shown he can do that.

    Might try dangling a carrot in front of the hamster to get him moving.
  3. TNThunder

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    I have answered it twice. Riverman caught right on. Maybe he can explain it to you, since it seems to have zoomed right over your head. You post one play and pretends it represents Drew's career here. Why not post the pass he caught for a TD in triple coverage against the Colts? Oh yeah, that would ruin your argument. TO last year and more clear, unforced drops than any receiver in the league, I mean stuff that hit him right in the hands, yet look at his production. I believe he finished with 17 drops. As most people on this board realize, EVERY receiver drops passes, just like every QB makes bad throws. You think if Vince zings one and Drew manages to even get a finger on it it should be caught. You need to get back to the real world. The Rams didn't pay him $30M because he's a nice guy. Your observations don't back up what is really happening in the world of professional football, and you lose credibility each time you post. They say give a person enough rope and he will hang himself, do you feel the tightness?
  4. Gunny

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    I've actually posted many (despite limited video available), you were running scared at that time, putting me on ignore. But I don't blame you for that.

    No, it actually PROVES my argument. Since the pass in that game was actually underthrown and Drew (amazingly) made an adjustment and caught it. Something he couldn't do now.

    and he caught 85 passes and 1100 yards with a hand issues. TO was also more of a target in the Dallas O then Drew was in the Tennessee O.

    however we are taking about Drew not TO, don't go off topic here.

    Thanks captain obvious.

    No I said hand, not finger. Learn to read.

    At least I produce hard evidence, not pig headedness.

    Do you actually think because you say these things it makes it true?
    How sad you have to reassure yourself that you are very very sad.
    You really are lost in your own arrogance.

    And I wouldn't be the one talking about credibility here if I were you.
  5. It doesn't matter where the ball gets thrown,"if the ball touches your hand you can catch it" thats the old foobtall term.The funny thing with Drew is that he makes all the acrobatic catches fallen out of bounds but could never handle the ones that were thrown right to him.Marc bulger is going to have to put it anywhere but on the numbers in order for Drew to catch it.If you your a good receiver you catch the rock no matter where its thrown
  6. TNThunder

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    Why don't you and Gunny pull up dropped pass charts and see that EVERY receiver in this league drops passes? You feel some need to hold Drew to some higher standard than the rest of the NFL? Good QB's know where receivers want the ball, and do their best to deliver it there. This is why they make millions of dollars. As far as the Gunny post above, I will just let everyone have a good laugh...and watch the ramblings of a child.
  7. Gunny

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    He was on our team.

    just as I thought, got nothing.


    go back to your Keith Bulluck sucks dribble, try and find some supporters on that one, you found none here.
  8. BigRed3

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    Nobody's laughing bro
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  10. Gunny

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    he underestimates popularity in his fortress of solitude.
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