Chris Johnson says we're "very, very, very far away"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Like Manning did to his offensive line? yes, everyone here has stated multiple times how much they love that (including some of your hi fives)



    Notice any changes in the coaching staff or do none of them count because you don't agree with them? (along with most of this board not agreeing with them)

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    He ran for 2006yards. Thats what i said in my post not the year.

    So your method is get rid of our best player so that the rb pos can now become an issue. Oh yea the team added a few players to improve other positions so now we just have a couple of solid players, not great ones. You do realize that great players dont come cheap.
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    remember when the Titans made the POs the year :cj: got 2006 yards?

    neither do I
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    only the top 53 count against the CAP so signing a bunch of scrubs, like every team does prior too TC, is quite possible.
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    I am convienced that the staff that has been turned over so far asked to go or declined to resign when their contract expired. Only reason too be on the Titans staff is cause you get invited too MMs kids birthday parties, and who wants those too be akward?
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    He is very, very, very right.
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    You do realize Great players make their teams better
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    Exactly my point, and id rather pay it for a difference maker. Again, his 2006 yard year, we went 8-8.

    You dont have to pay 10 million dollars to get a good RB, I dont mind if they pick up another good one at half the price and still have 5 million more to offer someone else that could improve the team.

    My method is that no RB is worth 10 million a year when they are a boom or bust runner. Cj isnt the type to hit the hole and pick up 4 yards. He would serve well on a team like the Packers, but for a team that has the problems we do and already has wasted money invested in Hass (but we need to keep him, dont want Smith mentoring Locker lol), Amano, Griffin and CJ.

    CJ = 10
    Hass = 7
    Griff - 7
    Amano - 4

    28 million

    Do you want that team, or do you want to add

    Levitre - 9 million (if hes is the top paid, im sure we could make that cap number better)
    Bow/Jennings - 8 million
    DMC - 7 million
    Safety of your choice - 7 million

    31 million

    That number, is high, because it assumes any of the FA acquisitions are going to be paid as the top of their position

    I know we are not going to get all those FA's to come here, and CJ is better than the other players.... but its just too high of a price for what we are getting and what we could get out of him even if he somehow did go back to a 2k yard season. (which he wont)

    Its about improving the team as a whole and hell, take away one of those FA's above and throw in the highest priced and best RB next year and we still have a good RB.
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    You and half this board is convinced of that. However its more along the lines of "if i say it enough, it may be true" type of beliefs. Its all assumption. I understand the reasoning but dont believe it is true. I believe its just more fuel for the hate much fire.
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    What CJ said doesn't help our morale. Yes, we do suck, everyone on the team probably knows it but CJ is the grandpa of our young team and is supposed to be one of the leaders, even if I know we suck, I don't want one of the guys we look up to say it to a reporter, it makes things more discouraging than it already is.