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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>Compensatory draft selections are not yet known -- a complicated formula awards those picks to help offset free-agent losses. Those picks will be awarded at the end of rounds three through seven.</p> <p>But the league has announced draft picks in the first three rounds, along with where each team's regular picks will fall in rounds four through seven:</p> <strong>Houston -- eight picks</strong> <p>First round -- 15th overall<br /> Second round -- 46th<br /> Third round -- 77th</p> <p><strong>Also</strong>: 12th in the fourth round, 22nd in the fourth round (from Minnesota); 16th in the fifth round; 15th in the sixth round; 14th in the seventh round.</p> <p><strong>Indianapolis -- seven picks</strong></p> <p>First round -- 27th overall<br /> Second round -- 61st<br /> Third round -- 92nd</p> <p>Also: 27th in the fourth round; 29th in the fifth round; 28th in the sixth round; 27th in the seventh round.</p> <p><strong>Jacksonville -- six picks</strong></p> <p>First round -- Eighth overall<br /> Second round -- 39th<br /> Third round -- 72nd overall</p> <p>Also: Seventh in the fourth round; eighth in the fifth round; seventh in the sixth round. Seventh-round pick was traded to Tampa Bay.</p> <p><strong>Tennessee -- six picks</strong></p> <p>First round -- 30th overall<br /> Second round -- 62nd<br /> Third round -- 94th</p> <p>Also: 30th in the fourth round; 30th in the sixth round, 30th in the seventh round. Fifth-round pick was traded to Dallas.</p>

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    Jags will go with a WR imo.
  3. I disagree, from the way their line play was last year, it seems a lock to go OT.
    They have the 39th pick as well so they could still get a quality WR there.
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    Is that with or without the tinfoil on your head?
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