Easiest 360 Games to Boost Achievements

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by NewHorizans, May 28, 2013.

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    Since I have been talking about Xbox and such with Gamerscores. I thought I would start a new thread about boosting 360 Achievements. I have been playing since Jan 2006, so I have a bunch of games that awarded me Achievements.

    Easiest by Far for a quick and or painless 1,000 points:

    Avatar (Air Bender not James Cameron) - By far easiest of ALL possible games. Takes all of 5 mins from the moment you start playing the characters. Run to the left of the screen and just start hitting the attack button. Don't remember which one but you get Achievements for consistent hits/kills combos in a row so after all the guys are killed. You have been awarded all 1000. Don't even need to play anymore. I recommend renting it or buying then returning same day at GameStop (if you can find it).

    MLB 2K6 - Many of the games on this list were launch games or within first 3 months of the 360 release when they were getting the hang of the whole "Achievement" thing. This game only has 5 and all can be done my setting up a two player game and you controlling both controllers. Only one you might have to practice at is "Robbing a Home Run" as you have to time it right and hit the Home Run without killing it. I would recommend watching it down on YouTube Video.

    NBA 2K6 - Just like MLB, game only has like 5 or 6 total. Start a game the same with two controllers and go to settings and change all the sliders so you make everything and they don't. Only one you have to try at all at is Blocks but that just takes lining up a short guy with a tall one blocking. All can be done in one single game.

    TMNT - This game was from the TMNT movie that came out around '07. Very easy. Just takes one playthrough. Fun to play, time will pass. Takes just a few hours max.

    King Kong - Another launch game. Playthrough once, and you get all 1000. Fun game first person shooter.

    (I am at work, so don't have time to list them all now, but will add once I am at home)
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    Lol... I used to be an achievement whore and now I ask myself why the hell did I ever waste my time with that crap.

    I used to be a god at Guitar Hero/Rock Band, so I got all the hardest achievements in those games. I remember when I beat Jordan and Through the Fire and the Flames on expert, I felt so proud... now, I'd fail the sh*t out of both of them because I haven't played that dumb game in years.

    You made two threads about achievements/gamerscore though... weak sauce.

    My gamerscore is 40k which is pretty sad and I'll never get those hours back again. I have a friend who still goes for achievements and is up to freakin' 80k.

    I used to go for all achievements (from the games I played). I had a friend who would gamefly some pretty dumb games just to boost his gamerscore... like Hannah Montana. Yea it was sad.

    If you could purchase stuff with your gamerscore it would make more sense.

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    I have goTitans moolah, I dont need some fake Xbox rep.
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    I can see the appeal, I personally just never cared for achievements/trophies. But my gaming time is pretty limited. So I'd much rather be playing a "new" game during that time than collecting (insert quantity here) of (insert item here) in a game I've already beaten.
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    achievements :troll:

    I understand the excitement within mmo's of world first, or server first kills. Beyond that.. I couldn't give one pigeon *** about them.
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    They're ok to add extra challenges to a game. Nothing needed to be done though.
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    *** is censored?

    HOW IS TIT censored?
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    It's cool when the little achievement icon pops up, but outside of that- I'd never know what achievements or score is/are.

    As pointless as forum users wanting to get their post number up or "rep" up. Never got that.
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    You lying ass mfer.
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    I don't, you ho'b*tch.

    In fact- I always wished my post count would magically stay low so people think I might do something other than patrol a message board. I don't, but I wish people thought I did.