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    I would not be cool with another Oline pick in 1st round! We need a quality pass rusher much more than a rookie OT. I say sign a vet OT in free agency and go DE!
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    Point out some of the defensive ends worth picking in the first round this season. Clowney and? Unless we're going to get a hybrid guy like Barr or Mack, there isn't one worth taking.

    This defensive end class as a whole is pretty underwhelming.

    Position in order by strength would probably be; OT, DT, WR, CB, OG/C, QB, DE, LB, S, and RB.
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    Cyrus Kouandjio*
    COLLEGE: Alabama
    AGE: 20
    HT: 6-5
    WT: 310
    POS: OT
    Analysis: I don't think QB is an option for the Titans in this scenario, and that they'd be better off waiting for the second or third rounds to land a guy like LSU's Zach Mettenberger or Eastern Illinois' Jimmy Garoppolo. Alabama's Ha Ha Clinton-Dix would fill a need at safety, but I think they'd go for his Bama teammate Kouandjio and address their need at offensive tackle.
    Kouandjio is not a finished product, struggling with his hand placement and against quicker D-linemen this season, but there's no denying his talent. He's 6-5, 310 pounds, moves well and is going to continue to get better. He's still relatively new to the sport (he was born in Cameroon and grew up a soccer fan) and has shown good improvement this season, so he has a high ceiling.
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    rest of the top 10

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    Thats a tough draw there.Clowney,Barr, Mack would all be nice blue chip players for us.
    would be great to trade down.

    if not Louis Nix would be my pick...tempted by watkins. I think someone would trade up for him.
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    Yes. It would be nice to kick back 2 or three spots and pick up a third.
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    OT is too deep with too many similarly good, but not great players, to take one with a 8-12 pick.

    Kouondijo, Lewan, Robinson, Ogbuehi, Richardson, Erving, Zach Martin, Corey Robinson, David Yankey. Someone will be around at pick 43 and that player probably won't be much of a downgrade from any of those guys above.

    I'd rather see us go BPA and get someone like CJ Mosely, Clinton-Dix, Barr or Nix (or if one of the top QB's fell - like Bortles, Carr) than reach for a tackle.

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    Gotta love the name Clinton-Dix
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    OT is extremely deep in this draft. I was initally on the OT (in the first) train, but i've hopped off. OT is a need, but I believe that we can wait until the 2nd, if not the 4th. Just look at last year - there was Jordan Mills (5th, Chicago) and LaAdrian Waddle (undrafted, Lions) who are starting RT this year. Even our current OTs Roos & Stewart were 2nd and 4th rounders. I do not want another draft of taking an offensive linemen in the 1st round.

    Instead, I want a defensive playmaker. With the three guys that you listed (Louis Nix III, HaHa Clinton-Dix, and CJ Mosely) i'd also like to add the name Kony Ealy. If we could pickup a defensive stud in the 1st, follow up in the 2nd with a QB, 4th/5th with OT & RB - we could be set.

    Hopefully we lose our final two games, which would put us at like 7th. Trade back to around 15th and pickup a 3rd.

    1st - DEFENSE
    2nd - QB
    3rd - RB/OT
    4th - RB/OT
    5th - MLB
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