Ex-LAPD On Killing Spree

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by The Hammer, Feb 7, 2013.

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    full bush.
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    They said black don't burn. He said...CHARLIE SHEEN U AWESOME.
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    I agree thats some weak sauce, but appearantly it was personal between Dorner and the lawyer. Still weak ****ake though

    cry me a freakin river. Those cops should be put too death for their actions. Cops murdering innocent civilians is inexcusable. If they were not up too the job, and they cleary were not, then they should have resigned.

    how would you know they were not... wardens can confenscate your property and you will never get it back even if you are found innocent in court. reguardless you are in all probability correct about their involvement being dubious at best.

    killer yes, but totally different than Bundy or Dahlmer. Stop trying to make Dorner into a serial killer when he is clearly just on a targeted killing spree
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    I am under the impression that the people the LAPD fired upon were not killed, just taken to the hospital. I think the guy is a pretty clear cut serial killer.

    I am not going to sit here and defend the guy, because I don't know the people he killed, all I know is his story. Which does sound believable, but for him to target ALL of the LAPD does just as much damage to his cause that he was trying to push. I believe that some police departments are corrupt, but not every single person there is. That officer that was killed in the shoot out, probably did nothing to upset Dorner.

    IF Dorner really wanted to change things, he would have targeted one person and let himself be arrested. Instead he committed suicide by cop for nothing other than revenge killings. I don't believe he really wanted to change anything, just satisfy his need for revenge.
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    Asscrow sure has gone soft on us since becoming sponsored by Jeep.
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    don't worry, some nude photos from his phone will leak onto the internet and he will lose any and all credibility he has previously established and fade back into obscurity.
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    They didn't murder anyone, they only wounded them. It wouldn't have been considered murder even if they had, an accidental shooting. You want to line up and execute anyone that has ever been involved in an accidental shooting? Someone go grab Dick Cheney, every soldier that has ever been involved in a friendly fire incident and take them to the gallows!

    I am not making excuses for them, just putting it in perspective. Its pretty easy to see what happened and why. As I stated nervous cops make bad decisions. They need to be punished and they will. They are more than likely home now on suspension waiting for a review board and termination.
    If Dorner has killed everyone he tried to, he would have in fact been considered a serial killer. He shot 8 people, only 4 of them were killed.

    I disagree about him being completely different from Bundy or Dahmer. Bundy targeted attractive women with dark hair parted in the middle. Women who resembled his college girlfriend who rejected him. Dahmer targeted gay men he considered attractive. Although he had no preference in race or age. Even Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer) targeted prostitutes, and like Dahmer had no race preference. Dorner targeting cops. Cops that had rejected him just like Bundys girlfriend and like Dahmer and Ridgeway he didn't discriminate on the cops he killed (race, age etc). He claimed he was at war with LAPD, but he only actually shot one LAPD officer and another officers daughter and future son in law. He shot 2 cops from Riverside, 2 more from the San Bernadino Sheriff's Office and shot at 2 game wardens. He didn't kill the couple he held captive for two days, because they were not law enforcement. Dorner was targeting cops, same as Ridgeway going after hookers, Dahmer going after gay men and Bundy going after the women he did.